Re-Post: TNA Impact Results With Tons Of Video

Re-Post: TNA Impact Results With Tons Of VideoWe begin tonight with stills from Austin Aries' title win on Sunday.

We get a recap of the Bound for Glory Series, focusing on Jeff Hardy and James Storm.

We get a recap of Joseph Park and Bully Ray from past weeks.

Bully Ray is introduced and he comes to the ring.

Anything Goes Match - Bully Ray vs. Joseph Park

Bully has his restraining order in hand. Park comes out to the ring. Park is hesitant to face off. Bully invites him to the center of the ring, Park puts his dukes up. Park swings wildly and Bully slaps him around. Bully spits in his face. Park slaps Bully and gets fired up. Bully tackles him to the mat and pulls his phone out and begins tweeting.

Bully pulls out some "hardcore" items form under the ring: trash cans, chairs, sheet pans, etc. Park avoids a chair-shot and takes Bully down. Park grabs a chair but he hesitates and Bully knocks him down. Bully hits him with a "detour" sign on the back and then a can lid to the head. Bully lays him out on the can lid and waits to long. Park avoids a leaping headbutt and Bully hits his head on the metal lid.

Park mounts offense but Bully quickly extinguishes it with a big boot. Bully goes back out and pulls a back bag from under the ring. He spills thumbtacks all over the mat. Bully asks for a mic and says he going to do what he should have done to Abyss. Bully goes to hit him with a Kendo Stick but Park hits a low-blow and uses the stick himself and gets 2.

Bully hits a clothesline and takes Park over to the tacks but Park hits a spinebuster on him onto the tacks; he gets 2. Bully crawls to his chain and he wraps it around his fist and clocks Park in the head for the win.

Winner by pin: Bully Ray

Park is busted open and he is starting to freak out at the sight of his blood. Bully rushes him and Park hits a nice side slam to lay him out. The crowd chants for Park and he seems surprised at himself.

Backstage, Sting has the playing cards left by the mystery persons last week. He says "dead man's hand, I get it." He tears the cards up.

Bully picks tacks out of his boot backstage and he asks who that was. He says he beat Park but who was that?

-BFG Leader Board Samoa Joe is in the lead with 37 followed by James Storm with 36.

Bound for Glory Series Match Samoa Joe vs. RVD

RVD drop toe-holds Joe into the corner and tries a submission hold but Joe grabs the ropes. They trade elbows in the center of the ring. RVD hits a kick to the head and Joe responds with a clothesline and RVD rolls out to regroup. Joe catches RVD's leg and takes him down with a dragon screw. They trade kicks, Joe applies a modified ankle lock but quickly releases.

Joe hits a snap powerslam off the ropes and transitions into an armbar but RVD gets his foot on the rope. RVD takes out Joe's knee and catches him with a spinning kick and a Rolling Thunder to Joe's back. Joe kicks out at 2. Joe counters a monkey-flip attempt and slams RVD and applies a modified figure-4. He releases and goes to re-apply but RVD rolls him up with a small package.

Winner of 7 points by pin: RVD

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