As noted earlier, The Rock hosted a "Rock Talk" Q&A this afternoon. Here are some more highlights:

Brock Lesnar: "Brock Lesnar's been a buddy of mine for years now. I admire his dedication and drive to be the best. He did it."

Favorite drink: "My favorite drink hands down is a fine tequila. *raises glass.. cheers."

Being the fourth highest paid actor in Hollywood on Forbes: "Being @Forbes 4th highest paid actor in Hollywood is very cool. Im honored. Just means I can buy more tequila."

Biggest risk he's taken: "Biggest risk I ever took was quietly retiring from @WWE at 30yrs old. I accomplished everything and wanted to grow.. In Hollywood there are no guarantee of success, but I was always willing to put in the hard work."

GI Joe being moved to next year: "GI JOE is going to be bad ass. It was a bold move for us to move to the spring, but well worth the wait."

He also posted this answer to a fan who lost 70 pounds in the past year:

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