Sunny Discusses Her Problems In Upcoming DVD

Some of the most shocking details of the interview is when Tammy talks about worshipping Marylyn Monroe, and how she used to look at herself in the mirror and tell herself that she would never live past 36 because she wanted to basically go out like her idol. She reveals a lot of stuff regarding drugs which were never discussed before like her drug runs into Mexico during the 90's to get pills, girls that disrespected her, why she will never work for TNA, where would Chris Candido fit into wrestling in 2012, and her take on the Montreal screw job.

The interview also gives advice to anyone suffering from a substance problem as Tammy tells them what they should do as she discusses what made her flip the switch and see the light. This interview was more or less a intervention and we really hit Tammy with some hard hitting questions. Just for the record we asked Tammy at least 4 times if she wanted to do this interview as we did not want to exploit her and she wanted to do this for her health. We ask her at least 3 times on camera as you will hear what she says for yourself.

When the interview was over, we made one call for her to a friend who had the WWE call her back with in 5 minutes and she is going to get the help that she needs tomorrow when she enters rehab. Lets all pray for her to a speedy recovery so she can get back to her life and possibly start a family which is her main goal right now. Here are the questions that we talked about with Tammy:

What brought you here today
What was the typical week as of late for you…did you drink all week until weekends?
What was the breaking point
How did you end up in the hospital on Friday night
What do you want to happen to you
Are you not scared of dying
Has anyone tried a intervention with you
What do you think is going to happen when you go in
What was your addiction and how long have you been using
Were you clean when you were with your ex bf
What made you fall off the horse
Is life hard for you after Chris passing and do you think the depression causes you to drink?
Do you think you will be able to stay in rehab and come out clean and stay clean
Is the business a bad place to be for someone with demons
What happened over the last few months at conventions when you would get sick from obvious substances and not make your appearances?
Was your Facebook status a cry for help
If you don't go to rehab what do you think will happen to you? Death?
You are trying to have kids now from what I understand you cant do this to yourself
Are you scared to be alone
What happened with you and your ex did you beat you?
Was it true you asked New Jack to kill him
What was it like doing the HOF for WWE and back on WWE TV
What did you do with all your WWE money
Whats going on with your online feud with Reby Sky
Whats it like going from being the #1 Downloaded girl and 1st Diva to doing Indys, don't you think you have another major run in the business?
When people hear the name Tammy what do you think they associate yourself with….
I am sure you hear all the stories about you sleeping with various guys over the years do you want to address that?
LA with her BF and went upstairs with another worker
How do you respond to your critics who say you treated Chris wrong
What girls do you have respect for right now in the business
What was it like doing those ROH shots in NY
What girls show you no respect when they share a locker room with you?
What is the biggest misconception about Tammy Sytch
Do you have any advice to anyone who might have addiction problems
There were always stories of Tammy and somas and you came clean about them in the past….what about all the rumors that went around with you and Sabu..Hack Myers and various other guys….
You have been in the business long enough and have seen to many people pass away, is there ever a time where you look at yourself in the mirror and you ask yourself am I one of those people…am I going down that dark path…
Has any worker ever really tried to help you and take you in a empty room and tell you that you have a problem?

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