Sunny Discusses Her Problems In Upcoming DVD

Sunny Discusses Her Problems In Upcoming DVDPrior to entering a rehabilitation facility today, WWE Hall of Famer Tammy "Sunny" Sytch filmed an emotional interview with RF Video in which came clean on her variety of personal battles over the past few months. Here is a preview of the upcoming title:

RF Video presents our most emotional shoot interview of all time with Tammy Sytch as she comes clean about a variety of her personal problems over the past few months that finally has come to a head. Tammy Sytch is known as the very first Diva of the WWE to many wrestling fans, but at times her out of control life style over shadows what she has accomplished in the ring. Tammy contacted RF Video to do this very emotional interview just 15 hours before she is entering rehab because of her almost 22 year history with our company.

We started off doing a pre interview with Tammy while she was putting on her make up for this interview. We talked about some lighter subjects like her twitter war with Reby Sky and her feelings on her. We also talked about Tammy's Amazon wish list and you will be shocked as we were on how many people buy her stuff.

Then Tammy sat down with us on a very personal level and gave us a very open hearted interview on how she is going to head to rehab so she can be on the path to recovery. We talk with Tammy about what happened over the last 48 hours which landed her into the ER at midnight after she nearly consumed 2 gallons of Vodka. We talk about her depression problems from Chris Candido passing away at a young age to some of her feelings due to the untimely passing of her family members. We take a look back in her past to the first time she consumed a drink and how as time went on she got into other substances that she abused. She talks very openly about her use of drugs in wrestling and how she abused her body and what lead to her finally going into rehab before this time around and what caused her to slip off the wagon while she was only two weeks into her program.

This is a very emotional interview that saw Tammy break down as she let all of her demons out to air, as she really felt like doing this interview was step one for her recovery. We asked her about missing bookings or showing up at bookings and not leaving her hotel room because of her demons. The subject matter during the first hour of the interview is very intense.

We also wanted to clear the air finally of all of the rumors that has been said about her and she has heard all of them. Did she sleep with Bret Hart? Did she really offer sexual favors for pills from Sabu? What was the deal with her and Hack Myers? DId she cheat on Chris Candido which is one thing that many of the guys in the business has accused her for years of doing. She finally gives her side of the story on that and talks about various rumors addressing just that.

We talk about her internet Facebook status changes from being in a relationship to being engaged every other day, she talks about her ex BF and why it went public and how he allegedly was abusive to her. We asked her about what New Jack had said about hiring him as a hitman.

We talk a lot about her return to WWE for the HOF and Wrestlemania Battle Royal in 2009. What was John Cena and Randy Orton like to her? Why did Cody Rhodes avoid her backstage? Talks about why she turned down PlayBoy and if she regrets it.

We also asked her one question that needed to be asked is how her BF can trust her with all the rumors out there about her sexual past and Tammy gives a great answer that I think will quiet down her haters. You will hear about her run in ROH that was cut short and why she never liked to wrestle in the ring.

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