Source: F4WOnline

- It's being speculated that Val Venis will make a cameo appearance on tonight's Raw SuperShow since the program emanates from his billed hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada and the official WWE website posted several videos on Sunday highlighting his career. When asked via Twitter whether he would appear for the organization again, he responded, "Not so long as they support sopa/cispa."

- Alex Riley announced on Tout that he will be facing former Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes tonight in Las Vegas, Nevada and wanted fan feedback on what strategy he should use to defeat him. Riley, however, did not indicate whether the match will be dark, or take place on Raw SuperShow or WWE Superstars.

- Jerry Lynn was unable to compete as advertised for NWA Coastal Wrestling on Saturday night in Franklinville, New Jersey due to injury. Marty Jannetty took his place in the match against Damien Wayne and Lynn served as referee.

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