Re-Post: WWE RAW Results With Tons Of Video

- We get even more hype for the 1,000th RAW and Tout. Michael Cole plays the very first Tout video that John Cena sent out.

Zack Ryder vs. Alberto Del Rio

We go to the ring and out comes Zack Ryder. Ricardo Rodriguez begins the introduction next as Alberto Del Rio comes down the ramp. The bell rings and Del Rio goes right to work on Ryder. The referee backs him off. Del Rio drops Ryder with an armbreaker and kicks him in the back before going back to work on the arm.

Del Rio takes Ryder to the floor and stomps on his head. Del Rio unloads on Ryder but gets rammed back into the apron. Ryder comes back in the ring but Del Rio is angry. Del Rio beats Ryder some more and applies the cross armbreaker for the quick win.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

- After the match, Del Rio attacks Ryder but Rey Mysterio's music hits. Rey makes his return to a big pop and rushes the ring to go at it with Del Rio. Rey hits the 619 and sends Del Rio to the floor.

- More 1000th RAW hype with Heath Slater talking about his run-ins with Legends. Cole says we have another returning Legend tonight. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and Heath Slater is in the ring. He wants to know which Legend is coming out next. The music hits and it's Rikishi!

Rikishi vs. Heath Slater

The former WWE Intercontinental Champion and father to The Usos makes his way to the ring to a mild reaction from the crowd. They go to lock up but Slater goes behind and runs his mouth. Rikishi drops Slater with a big superkick and then hits him with a stinkface. Rikishi hits the Samoan Spike and climbs to the second rope for a big splash and the win.

Winner: Rikishi

- After the match, Rikishi dances. The lights go out and they come back on with The Usos in the ring. They dance with their dad as the crowd cheers.

- Up next is Daniel Bryan and AJ vs. Eve and a mystery partner. Back to commercial.

Eve Torres and The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan and AJ

Back from the break and out comes Eve Torres. She introduces her partner for tonight and out comes The Miz. Out next comes Daniel Bryan followed by his partner AJ.

Bryan starts off with Miz and they lock up. Bryan takes Miz to the corner and beats him down with kicks. Miz comes back with a high knee and a kick to the face. AJ tags herself in and in comes Eve. They lock up and Eve shoves AJ to the mat and into the corner. Eve with kicks and a kick to the face. Eve with a 2 count. Eve chokes AJ on the middle rope before taking her to the corner and choking her. AJ fights back with forearms and a kick to the face. AJ kicks Eve to the mat and hits her finisher for the pin but Miz has the referee distracted. AJ runs over and kicks Miz out to the floor from the apron. Miz runs in while Eve has AJ rolled up but the referee is distracted. Bryan comes in and helps AJ get the pin while the referee isn't looking.

Winners: AJ and Daniel Bryan

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