Former WWE Creative Writer Talks RAW 1000, If Moving To Three Hours Will Hurt PPV

"I don't think it will affect pay-per-view," he said. "I think pay-per-view's going in a direction that it's going in. They still run too many pay-per-views, there's nothing really special about the pay-per-views. Most of the shows have lost any of the cache they once had. It speaks to the lack of depth because they can't keep matches off TV and they don't have enough talent to get over. Other talent just isn't as over as it should be because of the overall booking and creative decisions being made.

"So, they have so many different structural issues with this thing and three hours is just going to add another burden to this. It's already a burden-plagued operation. They have to do a lot of house cleaning and I don't think they really see that. And if they do, it only takes one man and only one man to see that and do something about that. It does not seem like he sees the need to.
He just doesn't seem to feel the need to change anything or address any of these issues. He just seems to generate new revenue streams, be it a network or another hour of Raw or whatever it is. Making WrestleMania $64.99 in HD. You should, you should look for ways to broaden your revenue streams. But you can't just take the money out, you've got to put the money back into the product. I would say to you that he has not demonstrated that -- other than with Brock Lesnar, which is -- you buy a Ferrari and then you crash it the first night. It doesn't do you any good. [Laughs.]"

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