Mick Foley Talks His Role At RAW 1000, TNA Run, Punk Leading WWE, Relationship With WWE & More

On if CM Punk can lead the company: "Yeah, I think he can. I think in a way, he has. That was a year ago he did that stunning [promo], and there was a part of me that said, 'Hey, they may have dropped the ball.' I wish he'd sat out about five or six months, and I wish he'd done ROH shows as WWE champion, but the guy is money and he's different.

"I was on WBAB in Long Island and there was a guy who had just tuned in and he said, 'What's with this CM Punk? I don't get it.' But the connection is more legitimate because he's not a guy who strikes you right away. You see the standard bearers of the company over the years and you go, 'OK, that guy's a wrestler, I completely get it.' You have to absorb Punk a little bit and get it, and I think was it Kimmel he did? It was Kimmel, but he also did Jimmy Fallon and he was really good on Fallon and if he gets that reputation as a guy who does well on these shows, he can become that mainstream guy."

On Heath Slater and legends returning to Raw: "I have to tell you, a few weeks ago I got this distinct feeling: I'm like, 'My goodness, Heath Slater is actually getting over with this legend thing.' And as bad as some people thought the thing with Cyndi Lauper was, I thought it was priceless. Cyndi was walking away from the hard camera, Layla had to grab her by the hand, and you had the real emotion when Cyndi got choked up talking about Captain Lou. Roddy's been money every time he's been back the last few years, and Heath Slater got busted open by Cyndi Lauper. In the PG Era, Heath Slater was busted wide!"

On if WWE can move away from the PG Era and the Lesnar-Cena match at Extreme Rules: "You know, I think they can occasionally. I remarked about that match Cena and Brock had, and we watch a lot of the pay-per-views and I've never seen an atmosphere like that. Hughie was really fascinated with Brock Lesnar and he goes, 'Dad, would you be able to beat Brock Lesnar?' I said, 'Brock Lesnar would kill me,' and he got really disappointed and he went, 'But what if there was barbed wire?' I said, 'He'd still kill me.'

"I wish it had been stopped five minutes in and that wound was so bad, the side of the scalp; it was nasty. I was thinking, 'Man, they're going to stop this thing.' It reminded me of watching The Deer Hunter in the 70s when I had to listen to my relatives talk about how much they didn't like that movie for five days, but they were talking about the movie for five days. And that was a match that was very uncomfortable to watch as a fan, but I watched. [My son] Dewey's in the house and he's going, 'This isn't f-----g wrestling. What is he f-----g doing?' and I've never seen a crowd like that."

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