- As noted earlier, The Ultimate Warrior is being accused of scamming a sports memorabilia collector out of tens of thousands of dollars. KRQE in New Mexico has provided more details on the report.

Christopher Elias claims that he was out $40,000 after he signed a contract to buy Warrior's old gear with autographs for $27,800, and then sent another check for $10,000 to sign several belts and posters.

"I had a signed contract between me and him, and I was supposed to have everything by March 31, 2012," Elias told the news channel. "The last time I talked to him, [Warrior] said he shipped the product."

According to Elias, Warrior never sent the merchandise or refunded the money. Elias is planning to file criminal charges unless he gets his money back, and says he is no longer interested in the memorabilia. Warrior's attorney admitted that his client and Elias had a deal in place and that Warrior was "late" in delivering some of the memorabilia, and that counsel for both parties are hoping to get the matter resolved.

You can check out the full report by clicking here.

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