Impact Results: Aries Vs. Roode, Open Fight Night, Aces & Eights, Claire Has Pics, Sound Off

Winner of 5 points by count-out: Robbie E.

-Sam Shaw gets ready for Gut Check.


ODB and Eric Young have a phone conversation next to each other. Eric has been on a month-long beer-run and recounts his adventures. They kiss and he leaves to get the beer and fried chicken.

-AJ-Claire-Daniels recap

Daniels and Kazarian comment in the back on the situation. They say hopefully Claire will have conclusive proof.

Gut Check contestant Sam Shaw is introduced by Borash. Shaw cuts a promo and is attacked from behind by Aces & Eights.


Taz and some trainers including the rest of the Gut Check judges check on Shaw in the ring. He is shaken but Ok as he is slowly helped to the back.

Mr. Anderson makes his way to the ring. He has 16 points. He calls out a "friend" and a "brother," AJ.

BFG Series: Mr. Anderson vs. AJ Styles

They slap hands and lock-up. They go back and forth; Anderson hits a hip-toss into an armbar. AJ transitions with a leg-scissors which is countered into a headlock by Anderson. They continue to one-up each other. AJ shoulderblocks Anderson out of the ring. AJ leaps off the apron and hits a splash in the ring for 2. Anderson hits a side slam for 2.


Anderson is in control with a headlock. AJ gets out and hits a nice dropkick. Anderson is laid out but kicks out at 2. AJ hits a bodyslam and a flying knee for another near fall. Anderson hits a swinging neckbreaker but AJ fights the cover attempt. Anderson goes back to a modified headlock. AJ rolls out but Anderson reapplies.

AJ rams Anderson into the corner to escape. AJ hits a slightly botched hurricanrana. AJ hits a spin kick in the corner and springboards with a splash for 2. AJ goes for his finisher but Anderson fights it. Anderson hits a Senton Slam and gets 2. Anderson sets up for a Mic Check but AJ drills him in the back of the head with a kick. AJ goes up top and is met by Anderson; Anderson hits an impressive superplex. Both men get a near fall. Anderson fights off the Styles Clash and rolls on top for the pin.

Winner of 7 points by pin: Mr. Anderson

Anderson offers his hand and they shake. Anderson leaves as AJ looks upset in the ring. Claire comes out and screams at AJ to come talk to her. She has been calling him all week. Claire is crazy. She recounts their night together but AJ doesn't remember. Claire shows large pictures of them in bed together but AJ is passed out in all of them. Claire says it went on all night.


-Recap of what just happened with crazy woman

AJ looks through the pics backstage and looks disturbed as he ponders them.

-Voice of Bellator Sean Wheelock has joined commentary. He says he is a hardcore wrestling fan.

RVD makes his entrance. He says he feels like fighting and calls out "that fallen scumbag," Daniels. Daniels comes out with his appletini.

BFG Series: RVD vs. Daniels

RVD catches Daniels' leg and hangs him upside down in the corner and kicks him in the face. Daniels recovers but RVD hits a suplex into a bridge for 2. RVD applies an abdominal stretch and drops on his back for a submission but Daniels reaches the ropes and goes to the outside. RVD gives chase and Daniels rams him into the apron and goes to work.

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