We noted before that a company in New York recently trademarked "ECW" for wrestling use as WWE let their trademark expire on it. Former ECW head Paul Heyman was asked about the news.

"Yes. Dumbs--ts who think they can recapture the magic. Some people never learn!"

Heyman then posted the following rant:

"Letters don't mean anything. WWE's #ECW wasn't ECW. Any1 can buy letters. Big deal. ECW was based on ORIGINAL IDEAS! It's called 'having an imagination.' Obviously, trying to be a duplicate ripoff of the past is not 'new' or 'original' nor 'game changing.' #ECW was a product of its time. When I wrote @WWE #Smackdown in 2002/03, I didn't try to duplicate ECW. You move on with the times, people. #ECW One Night Stand was supposed to be a ONE NIGHT STAND. Not a way to re-marry your ex. If someone wants to take a try at re-doing #ECW, knock yourself out. Go for it. Maybe ur investment is smarter doing something NEW!!!"

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