-Recap of Daniels-AJ-Claire storyline

-Recap of "Aces & Eights" attacks

Mike Tenay and Taz recap Hogan and Sting getting attacked last week and ask who these guys are and what they want. They show pics of Hogan's surgery from this past week. Neither Sting nor Hogan is here tonight.

-Opening video package and pyro

We are live from Orlando. It's Open Fight Night and the Bound for Glory Series continues. Storm is back at #1, followed by Joe and Angle.

James Storm's music hits and he makes his way to the ring.

Storm addresses the new World Champion and congratulates Austin Aries. He says he's #1 in the BFG Series and on the fast track for a title shot but he has not forgotten about Bobby Roode. He says it's just personal between them. He addresses the Aces & Eights and says that he has b*lls and doesn't need to jump anybody from behind. He wishes Hogan to get well soon.

Storm calls out who he calls the greatest wrestler to ever step in a ring, Kurt Angle. Angle's music hits but he doesn't show. His music hits again and there is still no Angle. The crowd chants for Angle and Storm instructs a cameraman to "go get him." The camera shows Angle getting stomped by Aces & Eights, backstage.


Tenay and Taz recap what just happened.

Samoa Joe enters the Impact Zone. He calls The Pope out.

Bound for Glory Series: Samoa Joe vs. The Pope

Pope only has 7 points in the series. Joe takes it right to Pope in the corner with strikes. Pope reverses it but Joe regains offense and hits a kick to the head. Pope hits a right hand that takes Joe down. Joe is on the losing end of a scuffle and ends up on the outside. Pope follows him out and kicks him in the face again.

Back in the ring, Pope drops knees to the gut. Joe keeps favoring his jaw. Pope hits a clothesline for 2. Pope gets another 2 and is relentless with his offense. Pope drops elbows and fists like an MMA fighter. Joe catches him in an armbar and wins.

Winner of 10 points by submission: Samoa Joe

Bobby Roode comments on Aces & Eights from earlier in the day. He is not a part of it and has more important things to worry about. He is going to prove Aries' win was a fluke.

Jeff Hardy comes out to call someone out.


Hardy is in the ring and he welcomes us to Open Fight Night. Robbie E.'s music hits and he comes out with Robbie T. He says everybody is ducking him so he's calling Hardy out, "bro."

BFG Series: Jeff Hardy vs. Robbie E.

Robbie blindsides Hardy but Hardy quickly recovers. Hardy hits a spinebuster and a dropkick for 2. Hardy hits boots out of the corner. Robbie T. interferes out of the camera's view on the outside. Robbie takes advantage. Hardy comes back with clotheslines and a splash off the top for 2. Robbie E. goes out to regroup and Hardy slingshots over the top onto him. Hardy mixes it up with Robbie T. and gets counted out.

Winner of 5 points by count-out: Robbie E.

-Sam Shaw gets ready for Gut Check.


ODB and Eric Young have a phone conversation next to each other. Eric has been on a month-long beer-run and recounts his adventures. They kiss and he leaves to get the beer and fried chicken.

-AJ-Claire-Daniels recap

Daniels and Kazarian comment in the back on the situation. They say hopefully Claire will have conclusive proof.

Gut Check contestant Sam Shaw is introduced by Borash. Shaw cuts a promo and is attacked from behind by Aces & Eights.


Taz and some trainers including the rest of the Gut Check judges check on Shaw in the ring. He is shaken but Ok as he is slowly helped to the back.

Mr. Anderson makes his way to the ring. He has 16 points. He calls out a "friend" and a "brother," AJ.

BFG Series: Mr. Anderson vs. AJ Styles

They slap hands and lock-up. They go back and forth; Anderson hits a hip-toss into an armbar. AJ transitions with a leg-scissors which is countered into a headlock by Anderson. They continue to one-up each other. AJ shoulderblocks Anderson out of the ring. AJ leaps off the apron and hits a splash in the ring for 2. Anderson hits a side slam for 2.


Anderson is in control with a headlock. AJ gets out and hits a nice dropkick. Anderson is laid out but kicks out at 2. AJ hits a bodyslam and a flying knee for another near fall. Anderson hits a swinging neckbreaker but AJ fights the cover attempt. Anderson goes back to a modified headlock. AJ rolls out but Anderson reapplies.

AJ rams Anderson into the corner to escape. AJ hits a slightly botched hurricanrana. AJ hits a spin kick in the corner and springboards with a splash for 2. AJ goes for his finisher but Anderson fights it. Anderson hits a Senton Slam and gets 2. Anderson sets up for a Mic Check but AJ drills him in the back of the head with a kick. AJ goes up top and is met by Anderson; Anderson hits an impressive superplex. Both men get a near fall. Anderson fights off the Styles Clash and rolls on top for the pin.

Winner of 7 points by pin: Mr. Anderson

Anderson offers his hand and they shake. Anderson leaves as AJ looks upset in the ring. Claire comes out and screams at AJ to come talk to her. She has been calling him all week. Claire is crazy. She recounts their night together but AJ doesn't remember. Claire shows large pictures of them in bed together but AJ is passed out in all of them. Claire says it went on all night.


-Recap of what just happened with crazy woman

AJ looks through the pics backstage and looks disturbed as he ponders them.

-Voice of Bellator Sean Wheelock has joined commentary. He says he is a hardcore wrestling fan.

RVD makes his entrance. He says he feels like fighting and calls out "that fallen scumbag," Daniels. Daniels comes out with his appletini.

BFG Series: RVD vs. Daniels

RVD catches Daniels' leg and hangs him upside down in the corner and kicks him in the face. Daniels recovers but RVD hits a suplex into a bridge for 2. RVD applies an abdominal stretch and drops on his back for a submission but Daniels reaches the ropes and goes to the outside. RVD gives chase and Daniels rams him into the apron and goes to work.

Back in the ring, Daniels slingshots in and drops an elbow for 2. Daniels hits a neckbreaker for 2. He drops a knee and bows to the crowd. RVD hits him with a kick from his back but Daniels won't let up. RVD gets up and they trade punches. RVD does a leg-scissors takedown into a pin but Daniels kicks out. RVD connects with a kick and rolls in the corner for a monkey-flip. RVD misses with the Frogsplash but lands on his feet. He also misses with the Rolling Thunder and Daniels puts his feet on the ropes for the pin.

Winner of 7 points by pin: Daniels

-Wheelock leaves commentary.

Aries comments on Roode's "fluke" comments. He says he looked up fluke and he saw a picture of Roode. He says if Roode wants to call him out, he's right here. He says his title trumps Roode's dress belt, his cape trumps Roode's robe. Aries finds Aces and Eights playing cards at his feet and says he trumps that too.


Brooke Hogan calls in and gives an update on her dad. She says he is bad shape and she doesn't want to talk about it. (Why did she call in then?)

-Recap of Joseph Park snapping last week

Park asks Garett backstage if he has thought about legal representation with him being a Bischoff and all. Garett asks who that guy was last week. Park says that was me.

Bully and Magnus face-off backstage as they are the only two left. Bully tells him to go to the ring.

BFG Series: Bully Ray vs. Magnus

Bully attacks Magnus from behind as he makes his entrance. Magnus fights back and takes it to Bully by the guardrail and drives him into the steel steps. The bell rings as they enter the ring. Magnus hits a clothesline and whips him in but Bully connects with a big boot. Bully goes to work in the corner. Bully drops a Big Elbow but Magnus kicks out. Bully continues to keep Magnus down; he bodyslams him but misses with the jumping headbutt.

They trade shots on their feet and Magnus hits a side suplex for 2. Bully hits a powerful clothesline. Magnus knocks him down and applies a Texas Cloverleaf but Bully reaches the ropes. Bully walks into a bodyslam for 2. Magnus goes up top and misses. Bully hits an RKO from out of nowhere and gets the pin.

Winner of 7 points by pin: Bully Ray

Bully favors his leg in the ring.

-BFG Leaderboard: Bully Ray is on the board with 7 points.

-Chavo Guerrero Vignette: Debuts Next Week

Bobby Roode comes out and stops on the stage. He says "one word, fluke." He calls Aries out.


Roode is in the ring with a mic. He says he isn't waiting any longer. He tells Aries to get his a** out here.

Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries

Aries springs in the ring and is charged by Roode. They trade shots. Aries hits a gorgeous armdrag and tries to get the Last Chancery applied. Roode goes for a crossface but Aries fights it. Aries hits a shoulderblock from the apron and springs into the ring with a Senton Splash on Roode followed by a diving elbow for 2.

Aries dropkicks Roode out of the ring and flies off the apron with an axe-handle.


Aries goes up top but Roode knocks him off.


Roode is in control in the ring. They trade shots and Roode drops him across his knee for 2. Roode whips him in twice but Aries gets his boots up. Roode responds with a spinebuster for 2. Roode continues his domination. Roode hits a textbook suplex and drops a knee on his face for 2. The crowd chants for Austin (Aries). Aries fights out of a headlock but Roode won't give way.

They trade chops in the middle of the ring and Roode counters a Tornado Punch and tries an armbar but Aries counters with a Russian Leg Sweep and transitions into a Last Chancery but Roode rakes the eyes. Roode hits a spear for 2. Roode puts Aries up top and tries a superplex but Aries hits some knees while upside down, rings Roode's bell, and hits a missile dropkick. Aries follows up with a running dropkick and goes for a brainbuster but Roode counters into a crossface.

Aries reverses his momentum for a pin attempt. Aries hits a discus forearm and clotheslines Roode out. Aries flies through the ropes like a missile and connects with Roode.

Aces & Eights come down and attack Aries. They bring him in the ring and stomp Aries as Roode smiles in the corner. The men shift their attention to Roode. Roode nods at them and applauds them. The masked stare at him as Roode offers his hand. They attack Roode as well. Aces & Eights continue to decimate Aries and Roode.

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