Re-Post: Impact Wrestling Results With Tons Of Video


Aries goes up top but Roode knocks him off.


Roode is in control in the ring. They trade shots and Roode drops him across his knee for 2. Roode whips him in twice but Aries gets his boots up. Roode responds with a spinebuster for 2. Roode continues his domination. Roode hits a textbook suplex and drops a knee on his face for 2. The crowd chants for Austin (Aries). Aries fights out of a headlock but Roode won't give way.

They trade chops in the middle of the ring and Roode counters a Tornado Punch and tries an armbar but Aries counters with a Russian Leg Sweep and transitions into a Last Chancery but Roode rakes the eyes. Roode hits a spear for 2. Roode puts Aries up top and tries a superplex but Aries hits some knees while upside down, rings Roode's bell, and hits a missile dropkick. Aries follows up with a running dropkick and goes for a brainbuster but Roode counters into a crossface.

Aries reverses his momentum for a pin attempt. Aries hits a discus forearm and clotheslines Roode out. Aries flies through the ropes like a missile and connects with Roode.

Aces & Eights come down and attack Aries. They bring him in the ring and stomp Aries as Roode smiles in the corner. The men shift their attention to Roode. Roode nods at them and applauds them. The masked stare at him as Roode offers his hand. They attack Roode as well. Aces & Eights continue to decimate Aries and Roode.

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