WWE SmackDown Recap With Video - Legend Returns, Rey & Sheamus, Bryan Vs. Kane, AJ

WWE SmackDown Recap With Video - Legend Returns, Rey & Sheamus, Bryan Vs. Kane, AJWelcome to the WrestlingInc.com WWE SmackDown Recap.

-Intro package runs

We are in San Diego, CA.

Rey Mysterio's music hits to a nice ovation and he makes his way to the ring.

-Video from last Monday with Rey returning and taking Del Rio out.

We get a 619 chant from the crowd. Rey says that it has been almost a year, in the same arena, since he got injured. Del Rio's music interrupts him.

Del Rio comes down the ramp and calls Rey a Chihuahua and says he should never have picked a fight with him because he is the one who took him out. He tells Rey to leave his ring. Rey tells him, no. Del Rio wants to talk about Sheamus. He says Rey's return will be 'short.' Dolph Ziggler's music hits.

Ziggler says he's out here for Del Rio. He says Del Rio is why he's not the champ. Del Rio says that Ziggler could be working for him and he calls Vickie a donkey in Spanish. Rey tells them both to shut up and to get it on. Sheamus' music hits and he comes to the ring too.

Sheamus shakes hands with Rey and says it's good to see him back. He cuts a promo on Ziggler and challenges him. Del Rio retreats up the ramp and Sheamus hits Ziggler with a double axe-handle and Rey gives him the 619.

-AJ and Daniel Bryan will be on the Peep Show later.


-Sheamus & Rey will face Del Rio & Ziggler in the main event.

Camacho & Hunico and The Primetime Players w/ AW are in the ring as Primo & Epico enter with Rosa Mendes, followed by Kofi & R-Truth.

-Video of Kofi & Truth defeating the Primetime Players on Monday.

Camacho & Hunico and The Primetime Players vs. Primo & Epico and Kofi & R-Truth

Epico and Hunico mix it up first. Epico hits a nice armdrag as AW lobbies for him to "tag in the Primetime Players." Epico hits a nice hurricanrana after a series of agile counters from both men. Epico tags Primo who executes a dropkick and gets 2.

Hunico tags Camacho he takes over on Primo. Truth tags himself in and drops a leg on Camacho for 2. Truth fight out of the enemy corner and all 8 men mix it up in the ring.


-RAW 1000 Promo

Truth tags in Kofi as we return and Kofi hits a big splash on Camacho in the corner with the assist from Truth. Kofi drops The Boom leg drop and calls for the finisher but Hunico grabs his leg from the outside which allows Camacho to hit a spinebuster for 2. Camacho slams Kofi and tags Hunico who leaps in the ring with a Senton Splash for 2.

Hunico tags Titus in and he resumes the offense on Kofi. AW barks from ringside. Titus tags in Young and Kofi takes them out and makes the hot tag to Primo. Primo turns it up on Young and gets 2. Things break down on the outside. Primo goes up top, is distracted by AW, and knocked off from behind by Titus. Young gets the pin.

Winners by pin: Primetime Players and Camacho & Hunico

The Big Show's music hits as Young and Titus celebrate on the ramp and they flee. Truth attacks Show as he gets in the ring but Show takes him out. Show takes out everyone. He hits two WMD's and a double chokeslam. Show asks for a mic and stands over his carnage and says, "And…What?"

-RAW 1000 Moments: Jeremy Piven

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