WWE SmackDown Recap With Video - Legend Returns, Rey & Sheamus, Bryan Vs. Kane, AJ


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Damien Sandow is in the ring as Zack Ryder's music hits. Sandow stops the music and starts to berate Ryder and the fans. Ryder slides in the ring and tackles him.

Damien Sandow vs. Zack Ryder

The ref pulls Ryder off and sounds the bell. Sandow takes over and viciously drops knees and punches on Ryder. Sandow hits and elbow across the apron. He continues to stomp Ryder in the ring. The ref has to back him up. Sandow hits his finisher for the win.

Winner by pin: Damien Sandow


Christian is in the ring for the Peep Show. He shows a video of Daniel Bryan's engagement to AJ on Monday. Christian introduces the couple and they come to the ring in matching "YES!" shirts.

Christian asks how the wedding planning going and AJ says they have a clip. We see a clip of them doing various activities like rubbing cake in each other's faces and goofing off at a flower shop, in slow-motion set to wedding type music. Christian sarcastically says that it was wonderful. He asks Bryan if he's sure he's doing the ring thing and if AJ has forgiven him. We get a "Yes!" spot.

Christian then asks the fans if they think the couple should get married and if Bryan really loves her and the response is split at best. Christian asks AJ if she knows what she is doing at all. She gets up from the stool and slaps him hard across the face. They go to leave. Christian says he's married so he knows about Bridezilla but he reminds Bryan of AJ's 'psycho' ex. He says Bryan has to face him now. Kane's pyro goes off.


Kane vs. Daniel Bryan

Bryan goes to work with kicks to the leg but Kane overpowers him and makes a cover for 2. Kane applies a rear choke with a leg-lock. Kane whips him in but Bryan gets a boot up and drops Kane to his knees with a dropkick to the leg. Bryan lands several more kicks. Kane goes for a chokeslam but Bryan counters and lays Kane out again and gets 2.

Bryan goes up tip but Kane catches him with an uppercut on the way down and gets 2. Kane hits a side slam and gets another near fall. Kane goes up top but Bryan catches him on the way down in an attempted Yes Lock but Kane fights it. Kane breaks free and charges at him but Bryan pulls the top rope down and Kane falls to the outside, almost hitting AJ. Bryan goes out to check on her and Kane attacks him from behind and rams him into the steps and the announce table. AJ looks distressed at ringside. She goes up top and jumps onto Kane's back in a sleeper-type hold.


Bryan attacks Kane but Kane hits a chokeslam on him. AJ picks at Kane's face and mask, Kane slings her over to face him as she hangs on with her arms around his neck. She stares at him and jumps off to tilt her head to the side like Kane used do to her. Bryan pulls her out of the ring and they escape up the ramp. They share a long kiss on the ramp.

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