WWE SmackDown Recap With Video - Legend Returns, Rey & Sheamus, Bryan Vs. Kane, AJ

-Undertaker DVD

-RAW 1000 Moments: GTV

Heath Slater is in the ring. We go to a video of his latest adventures, narrated by him. Back in the ring, Slater says he's on SmackDown and his luck is about to change. L.O.D's music hits and Animal walks out!

Animal vs. Slater

Animal takes off his shoulder spikes and goes right at Slater. Slater gets a small offense but is quickly powerslammed and elbow dropped.

Winner by pin: Animal

-Tout Promo

Vickie and Ricardo argue backstage. Vickie is mad that Del Rio called her a donkey. Ricardo says she is jealous because Del Rio is real Mexican royalty and they go back and forth. She screams obnoxiously over and over and her leaves.


-RAW 1000 'Card' Rundown

Del Rio drives up in a Lamborghini, introduced by Ricardo. Vickie comes out and introduces the star of the team, Ziggler.

-Video of Ziggler's encounter with Jericho on RAW


-WWE on Youtube

Sheamus enters followed by Rey Mysterio.

Sheamus & Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio & Dolph Ziggler

Sheamus and Ziggler start. Sheamus starts strong but Ziggler hits a dropkick. Sheamus comes back with a Senton Slam and tags Rey after the crowd also asks for it. Rey hits some moves but Ziggler hits a string clothesline and gets 2. He tags Del Rio and he puts a boot to Rey. Rey uses his speed to escape and tag Sheamus. Sheamus throws both foes out and hits his punches-to-the-chest spot on Ziggler as Vickie screams at him. Sheamus is distracted by Del Rio on the outside and Ziggler takes him out with Del Rio getting a shot in as well.


Back in the ring, Sheamus tags Rey who speeds things up against Ziggler. He hits a kick to the head but Ziggler kicks out. Rey drops Ziggler on the ropes and goes for the 619 but Del Rio kicks him in the back. Ziggler tries to capitalize but Rey kicks out. Ziggler and Del Rio tag in and out a few times, staying in full control.

Rey almost makes the hot tag but Ziggler leaps to stop him. Rey counters a powerslam in mid-air with a DDT and he tags Sheamus right as Del Rio comes in as well. They mix it up, Sheamus pushes Del Rio into Ziggler and he flies off the apron. Sheamus hits White Noise on Del Rio. Sheamus calls for the Brogue Kick but Ricardo grabs his leg and the bell sounds. Del Rio applies the cross armbreaker on Sheamus and several refs come down before he releases the hold.


Del Rio walks up the ramp as Sheamus lays helpless on the mat. Ziggler gets in the ring with his briefcase and hands it to the ref. Rey knocks him on the ropes from behind and hits the 619. Sheamus gets up and hits the Brogue Kick. Cole makes sure to tell us that the bell never sounded and that Ziggler still holds possession of the briefcase.

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