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Former ROH World Champion "American Wolf" Davey Richards joined Harry and Jon of ROHWorld yesterday as part of an interview for the forty-fifth episode of ROHCast. In the interview Davey discusses the reasoning for his current absence from Ring of Honor, when he plans to return, his run as ROH World Champion, whether an American Wolf reunion is possible, what beholds him in the future, plus much, much more!

Here are some of the highlights:

What were some of your favorite matches and moments while you held the belt?: "I really enjoyed the match with Michael Elgin, I really enjoyed the match with Adam Cole, you know Ring of Honor was in the middle of a transitional period at that time, hadn't had as many singles matches as I would have liked but you know I don't book the shows.

"I know it's the kind of thing that'd come under fire but in-terms of my title reign and Kevin Steen you know, it's fantastic he could defend the belt twenty times a night but it doesn't mean anything to quality or anything, I don't feel like he can even touch the quality of one of my matches... in my eyes nowhere near my title reign.

"But you know, God bless, but I would have liked to have defended it more."

Despite having great chemistry, do you and Roderick Strong hate each other in real life?: "Yeah, more or less, I don't get along with Roderick he doesn't get along with me, you know, we don't need to air all our dirty laundry, we've never made friends we're never going to be friends, you know he says in the ring we're both good at what we do we're both professionals but outside the ring you won't find us going to the bar on a Saturday night."

Was you being lumped in with Camp Cornette beneficial to you or the company?: "No it was totally brought up by Kevin Steen... and the whole MMA thing, I've never once said, I've never once represented an MMA fighter, ehm all this crap;.. I mean we talk about my credibility as being a pro-wrestler I mean I'm the best wrestler in the world and I say not because I'm trying to be arrogant or because some company puts it on a t-shirt or puts it on a television screen.

"I'm the best wrestler in the world because I'm doing wrestling the way it should have been done which is why I'm in the back of a car travelling ten hours to go wrestle in Atlanta, Georgia and then fly back to Chicago and then go to Puerto Rico.

"I've lived in Japanese dojos, I've trained and wrestled all over the world. My job is not to get over, my job is to get better which is what Bryan Danielson told me, a professional wrestlers job is to be the best athlete."

Is there truth to the rumor you turned down a WWE deal in the past?: "Yeah, their wrestlers are fantastic, I enjoy their product, but to me it's not fair for me to take a spot in FCW when I really don't want to be there and that takes a spot from someone, who has that dream cause I know deep down I'm not going to be able to handle that kind of road schedule.

I don't have it in me, I'm a home bug I get homesick really easy, so you know I won't take the contract knowing my heart isn't really in it."

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