Thanks to afq2846 and Elias Dounis for sending in these results from last night's TNA Basebrawl event in Brooklyn, NY:

Mr. Anderson vs. Robbie E. opened the show. Robbie E. came out alone, without Robbie T. Decent match which did not go too long. Anderson hit the mic check for the win and the 7 points.

Next match was Gail Kim vs. Rosita. Rosita came out with a radio DJ. Rosita is pretty small in person. Kim came out and cut a promo. I can see why WWE did not allow Kim to talk much. Standard knockout match with Rosita getting with the win with a roll up.

Next match was Rob Van Dam vs. Kazarian. RVD probably got the pop of the night, people really loved him. Decent match with RVD hitting the five star frog splash for the win.

Jeff Hardy vs. AJ Styles was next. Not much here with the two faces going at it. Hardy is over big time. AJ wins with the Pele kick. Big time "Yes!" chant throughout the night.


TNA President Dixie Carter is there and she comes out and addresses the fans.

Bully Ray comes out to a big reaction from the Brooklyn crowd. ECW chants were especially strong on one side of the arena oddly filled with twenty-somethings like myself. Ray had his usual exchange with Christy Hemme and the crowd loved all of it. He then challenged anyone from the crowd to come down and fight him, and the crowd began chanting "YES," as they had been the whole evening. Sting came out to the biggest pop of the night wielding the baseball bat. Sting said he wanted to do the match old school and made it a no DQ match. There were lots of the hand strikes and cookie pan hits as they took the match into the left side of the stands early on. Fight Right Here then became the next chant, but the two manage to make their way back to the ring. "We want tables" and Sting obliged as he cleaned off the announcers/production table, which was a plastic table that folded in the middle. It didn't work that well and Sting had a hard time getting it into the ring. It wasn't used in a traditional fashion and only mounted on a corner where, when irish whipped onto, Sting would just come bouncing off. The match ended with a horrible botch, which was attempted three times. Scorpion Death Drop onto the chair, but the chair was never hit, and Bully dropped too early on the second finisher attempt. The chair was missed the third time too, but they went for the pin attempt anyway and finished the match.

Final match is the title match between TNA World Champion Austin Aries and Bobby Roode. I was bit underwhelmed by the lack of Aries support, yet pleasantly shocked about the Roode support. Again, more "Yes!" chants and an actual "Benoit" chant. Pretty decent match with Aries getting the win with the brain buster. The finale was indeed the best match of the night, but not having a normal arena setup hurt this show.

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