I recently had a chance to speak with Matt Hardy in an interview that will be published here on WrestlingINC next week. During the interview I asked Hardy about his favorite RAW moment, ahead of tonight's 1,000th episode.

"Goodness, gracious," Hardy replied. "You know, it's funny. I'm obviously a big Twitter person, I'm @MATTHARDYBRAND and I get asked that question all the time. It's funny because it's hard to really pin-point one thing as my greatest RAW moment because I feel like I had so many RAW moments personally and even watching through the years. There were so many moments throughout the years. Obviously, the McMahon-Austin series. I remember the first Raw they had on TNN and they had us in a ladder match and we had a cage the night before. Myself, Jeff [Hardy], Edge, Christian -- the four of us -- we could barely walk. We went out and we still busted our asses and had this ladder match.

"My feud with Edge," he continued. "There were a lot of things MVP and I did. The majority of it was on Smackdown!, but a few things here or there, we did on RAW. I don't know, man. It's really hard for me to really pin-point one moment."

Hardy also gave props to WWE for their 1,000th episode of RAW tonight.

"All I can say is that RAW is an amazing show," he admitted. "WWE, regardless of the fact that they don't always put out the greatest product of all time, they really do an amazing job. They really have lived and existed for a long time and you have to give them props, man. They have a roster that changes and those writers are writing 52 live episodes a year, which is a lot.

"I'm a big fan of Dexter, True Blood, Sons Of Anarchy and Breaking Bad, and they have 12 episodes to 16 episodes [per season]. WWE does 52 live episodes [of RAW] a year, which is a lot. So, I give them props for that, they've created a lot great moments over the year."

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