Former WWE Writer Talks Time On This Site, Joining WWE, How Lesnar's Return Was Handled & More

So, I realized that -- I was real -- I wasn't going to go down that road. I was responsible for over forty families. Forty wrestlers and production members and office people and their families. I wasn't going to put them in that position. It's going to hurt me more than anyone else if I pull the plug. It's going to hurt them, too, but my reputation is going to be taking a hit if I had to do it. So, we did it in 2004. I sold the tape library to a group out of Asia...

WrestlingINC: How did you get that WWE position? Did you simply send your resume in or did someone contact you?

Bauer: It's an interesting story because I had a relationship with WWE that dates back to 1999 when we were doing those memorial shows and I acted as liaison for the Samoan family. Getting the guys like Eddie Guerrero, Grand Master Sexay and all those guys that were involved with the Yoko memorial, the Gary Albright memorial. I worked with their talent relations office on making sure that it was a smooth sailing thing. So, that kind of started me off with networking with WWE.

Then, Umaga -- who was a part of "3 Minute Warning" along with Rosie, who was the superhero in training -- further helped me get linked up and introduced me to Vince around 2002-2004. I don't know if I was doing MLW at the time. It's all a blur now. So, that kind of further cemented be being on the radar with WWE and things started falling into place. In 2005, they were looking to bulk up the writing team with people that had a background in film, TV, and wrestling would just be the cherry on the sundae. So, I was able to give them that.

I spoke at length with Stephanie (McMahon) and worked out a deal that was a very, very good deal for me. I'm not a big fan of Stephanie but I will say that I was very well taken care of by WWE. If you talk to about ten creative members, they'll all tell you they were paid a different thing but I was very fortunate. They were very good to me on that end. I started in 2005 and I saw a lot of interesting things in my time there.

WrestlingINC: So, walk us through your first day. What was that like? A lot of people think of being a member of the creative team as a dream job but it seems like everyone that's worked there was happy to leave.

Bauer: They're very charming when it comes to that. I've been around wrestling. I've seen it. I'd been my own boss for a lot of that and I think that was one of my biggest issues there. I got along great from jump street to finish with Vince but Stephanie and I were constantly butting heads. Michael Hayes and I were constantly butting heads. Brian Gewirtz and I were just constantly butting heads for various reasons with all three of them. Some of it was just personalities; some of it was just professional issues. Some of it was just crazy s--t.

The first day on the job, people are kind of just sizing you up. There are a lot of alpha-males there so you're kind of sizing everyone up. Everyone's looking at you and everything. I was very laid back. For me -- it was a little bit of vindication and a little bit of validation because of how things went with MLW. I had hoped -- MLW was really -- I would say -- arguably, the number three biggest company during it's run. With the TV penetration and its crowd size and what we were doing and the impact we were making. Especially with our international television.

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