Former WWE Writer Talks Time On This Site, Joining WWE, How Lesnar's Return Was Handled & More

So, it's an unfortunate thing. Because they are the number one company. They are the only game and the only show in town. The central-nervous system is the creative division and it's a very, very dysfunctional system.

WrestlingINC: You started right after Brock Lesnar left, right? It was like a year later?

Bauer: Yeah. I was actually at WrestleMania 20, backstage, which was my first event. That was March 2004 and I had just been out of the business for about 90 days. MLW's last show was in January of 2004. So, where looking at March of 2004 and I was backstage for that show. Really, I was looking to network but also, it's in New York, my backyard, and I was invited to it.

It was a fun show to be at just in terms of the unique atmosphere of running Madison Square Garden and it being the 20th anniversary and I was there at WrestleMania X. Seeing Brock Lesnar in his final match against Goldberg. His final match -- it was fascinating to see that live and then go backstage and see what the aftermath of that was. Also, seeing Eddie Guerrero on his big night, defending the title and the great finish with Kurt. Then, you had the Benoit match, and again, you look at that now in a different way.

I remember, after WrestleMania, there's an after party. This year it was at the Hilton in mid-town. Every one's in there and it was a very unique environment. Brock Lesnar didn't come -- at least when I was there, he didn't show up to the after party. The office wasn't happy with him, he was obviously not happy with WWE at that point in his life and career. Goldberg comes out and there's this huge buffet and it's such a weird thing, it was like he was a pariah of some sort. No one was really talking to him, no one was saying, 'Good luck, let's stay in touch. Here's my number.' It was just that he showed up, he didn't really have anyone to hang with, he ate some food and kind of just bailed.

It wasn't like he was trying to be cold, it's just that no one wanted to engage him. I don't know if there were any problems or drama there.

WrestlingINC: I wonder if people thought there might be heat on them if they're hanging out with Goldberg.

Bauer: Maybe, I mean, you're always going to have that with the young bucks in the company. But, when you're a veteran of any stature, there shouldn't be any of that blow-back or you shouldn't be sweating it. When you're a young guy, you're either the guy that's really out-going and aloof to it or you're really paranoid about those kinds of circumstances.

I also remember when Eddie [Guerrero] came out. He came out with the title with Vickie and his family and he comes out into the main room at the Hilton. He just looked so proud and you could really tell that this guy -- this was that moment that he was really going to celebrate and enjoy that moment. All the hard work and all the incredible hurdles overcome and to climb back up the ladder to get to that level... especially somebody his size. There was really never anyone before him that small and an American wrestler being a champion. Pedro [Morales] was in the '70's, but it was very long and it was considered by a lot of people to be that successful. Here he was, being told by the old man -- who wasn't very old then in Vince McMahon -- that you're headlining WrestleMania 20 in New York City and you're going to be left with the belt.

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