Here are some messages from Twitter about tonight's 1,000th episode of RAW:

CM Punk: "For everybody born of an unfortunate circumstance. Tonight's for you. Watch me rise #RAW1000 ... Haters, make sure you tune in as well. I'm a man of my word."

Samoa Joe: "@CMPunk Not much killer please do the world a favor & steal the show tonight. (aka a normal Monday night)"

Sean Waltman: "Since everyone is saying they're on their way to St. Louis. I might as well go too. Since when did I need an invitation? Quick favorite raw momentating Razor Ramon. 2) returning after WM & had words for Eric Hogan. 3) Invading WCW & bringing it to them."

The Honky Tonk Man: "Who is ready for #RAW1000?"

Jim Ross: "Backstage feels like being @ an all star game. I'm loving this day. #Raw1000 @ 8/7 central!... #Raw1000 starts 1 hour early. HOT start! You're gonna see many familiar faces EARLY!;)"

Todd Grisham: "Tonight it's #RAW1000 I was there for about 450 of the episodes. Great memories. Good luck tonight @wwe !!!!"

Mick Foley: "Just arrived at the arena in St Louis. This is going to be like the best family reunion EVER, even before #RAW1,000 hits the air at 8pm EST"

Kevin Nash: "Congrats to Vince and the entire crew at WWE.Raw 1000!! Seems like yesterday I was driving to the Manhattan Center with Shawn and Scott."

Lilian Garcia: "Having a blast backstage in St. Louis 4 @WWE #RAW1000 episode 2nite! So many grt superstars from the past r here! Don't miss show! 8pm USA"

The Miz: "Mayhem backstage today WWE stars old and new reuniting for #Raw1000 show starts an hour early 8pm est. Watch history be made #ImAwesome"

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