WWE RAW Results: WWE Celebrates 1000 Episodes, Many Returns, Cena Cashes In, More

Vince McMahon's music hits and out he comes. Vince says it's not that kind of proposal. It's a business proposal. Vince introduces the new RAW General Manager - AJ Lee. AJ smiles, Bryan looks shocked and the crowd gets riled up. AJ hands Bryan the flowers back and skips around him in the ring as her music plays. AJ leaves up the ramp as Bryan gets upset in the ring. AJ chants yes from the stage while Bryan chants no in the ring. She has left him at the altar. Bryan tears apart the wedding set as we go back to commercial.

- Back from the break and Bryan is still throwing a fit in the ring. Out comes WWE Champion CM Punk to a big pop.

Punk mocks Bryan for getting left at the altar. Punk says AJ as General Manager can't be good for Bryan's luck. Punk tells Bryan to continue throwing a fit while he continues to be the best in the world. Bryan goes off and yells that he is the greatest of all-time. He is interrupted by The Rock's music. Out comes The Rock to a huge pop.

The Rock hits the ring and the crowd chants his name. Rock says Bryan doesn't get to say who the greatest of all-time is because the fans do. More chants for The Rock. Bryan goes to cut Rock off but Rock isn't having it. The crowd chants Boots To Asses as Punk looks on from the side. The Rock points out that he first won a WWE Title in St. Louis and the crowd pops some more. Rock knocks Bryan and says he's here to talk about the WWE Champion. Rock announces that whoever the WWE Champion is at Royal Rumble will face The Rock that night with their title on the line. Punk says Rock is looking at who that man will be. Punk says he will beat John Cena tonight and if Rock wants a match at Royal Rumble, he wishes it was tomorrow. Punk says CM Punk vs. The Rock sounds good to him but he's going to win.

The Rock declares that he will be the next WWE Champion at the Royal Rumble. Bryan starts chanting no and the crowd chants yes. Bryan says this is supposed to be about him. This was supposed to be the greatest night of his life. Bryan gets in Rock's face and says someway, somehow, Rock will fight him at the Rumble. Bryan says he will be the face of WWE. Rock says Bryan is what would happen if a homeless lumberjack banged an oompa loompa. Rock wishes Punk good luck for tonight and goes back to Bryan. Rock says he got Bryan a wedding gift anyway and drops him with a Rock Bottom. Rock hits the mic one more time before leaving the ring.

- They hype Lesnar's return and tonight's WWE Title match before going back to commercial.

- Back from the break and Justin Roberts introduces WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart as the special ring announcer and timekeeper for the next match. Bret comes out to a big pop. Bret says one of the best moments of his career was winning the Intercontinental Title from Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig. Bret says it's an honor to be here and does the introductions for the match.

WWE Intercontinental Title Match: The Miz vs. Christian

Out first comes the WWE Intercontinental Champion Christian. Out next comes his opponent The Miz.

The bell rings and they lock up. Christian ends up dumping Miz out to the floor and diving out from the top rope. Christian lands on his knee as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Miz is in control. Christian fights him off and starts a comeback. Christian hits a crossbody from the corner for a 2 count. Christian goes t the second rope for a back elbow and waits for Miz to get up. Christian goes back and forth and rolls Miz up from the corner for 2. More back and forth. Miz kicks Christian in the face and covers him for 2. Miz runs into a bot int he corner and Christian catches him with a DDT for 2.

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