- WWE.com has posted some excerpts from a recent Q&A with Booker T in the latest issue of WWE Magazine. During the Q&A, Booker T discussed the biggest mistake that a newcomer can commit.

"To not show respect," Booker T replied. "One of the lost arts of this business is respect. That's truly one of the things that made this business what it is today. Respect is Number One for me. I came up in a company the South, and I was one of the few black guys on the roster. I had to earn respect from guys like Ric Flair. It didn't come overnight. But I will never forget the night Ric Flair came right up to me and said, 'Kid, I'm passing the torch to you.' For Ric Flair to talk about passing the torch well, that meant I had gained his respect after all those years.

Booker T also discussed if the current crop of talent has a harder time with so few veterans in the locker room, you can check out more at this link.

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