Former WWE Writer Talks Heat With Stephanie McMahon, WWE's Future Under Triple H, More

So, it's hard to say where Hunter going to be. I think Stephanie's probably going to continue propelling this creative department into where it's going and I don't think it's in a good place and I don't think she'll ever quite get it to a level of success. If it were up to me, I'd reduce that division. If not, I'd shut it down all together. I don't think it's worked.

WrestlingINC: I'm sorry, which division? Did you say the film division?

Bauer: That division they should flush down the toilet. That shipped sailed long ago. But with creative, you only need two guys to really give you that stuff. You don't need a team. You don't need people to write promos. You really don't. To be honest, not many guys can [create promos] nowadays so you probably do need guys to help them. But I'd rather see guys struggle and ultimately overcome that struggle and become a good promo than see rigid promos. I can point out eight out of ten, maybe seven out of ten of the writers that are writing those promos because I know them still and know their work and how they write is the same for six or seven guys instead of it being just a wrestler cutting a promo and projecting his persona and dialing it up 1000%.

So, you have a great sample size -- a decade plus -- of what Stephanie and this department have done and it has yielded decreasing, diminishing results and performance. So, what do you get from that (department)? But that's just me and that won't happen. Hey, I was in the creative department and these are my friends. It's a tough thing to say, but I'm just speaking the truth. I really don't think it's done much for them. But then you get another problem. Name some good bookers out there that you can just pluck and bring in. That's another problem, you know.

Wrestling is a scary place. I wish I could say that I'm a really big fan of this booker but there's really no one out there that could present talent and could produce them for a TV product. Yeah, they can put on a good house show or make a great DVD release but it's not the same at running something at that level. It isn't. And writing scripts isn't the same as booking like Pat Patterson did and guys like Gary Hart did and all the other creative minds out there.

WrestlingINC: Having worked with Vince, Stephanie and Triple H, do you think that it is time for Vince to step down?

Bauer: I only know what I've heard. I mean, I haven't worked under Vince McMahon for close to five years. So, I can only say from personal experience that the Vince McMahon I worked for was a guy that was coming out of his glory years. He wasn't a guy that I felt was incompetent at his job. I felt he had great days and some days that I fiercely disagreed with the direction. I think you could say that about a lot of people. You have good days, bad days, so-so days. I never saw the guy that I hear is running the company now. So, it's a different guy.

I can only go by what I hear from other people and it's unfortunate. When you get a guy like Vince McMahon who has been a world-beater and such a competitive guy, it's hard to get a grip on where you are in your life. It's not like this guy has hobbies. He's not an avid golfer. His only hobby is lifting weights and that's it. He sleeps four hours a night, he runs his company 24/7/365, and he's a driven man.

But when you're yielding diminished results, you start to wonder, 'How long should this guy be in this position?' It's a very hard situation. He doesn't want to go live on an island in Bermuda. He doesn't want to do that, he wants to do what he's doing. There is no exit strategy, there is no, 'I'm going to get to this age and leave.' That won't happen, I don't believe that how he's wired. Dana White's not wired that way. There's certain people that just aren't wired that way.

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