Former WWE Writer Talks Heat With Stephanie McMahon, WWE's Future Under Triple H, More

WrestlingINC: Having worked with Shane McMahon as well and having seen the course they're going on with Stephanie and Triple H, do you think that Shane McMahon would be more suited for that role?

Bauer: No. I think Shane would have been better for the culture and the environment, but the bottom line -- I don't think he would have produced any better or any worse. Stephanie fosters a toxic environment. I don't think she's a good administrator. I don't think she has the skill-set to be as successful as you need to be. I will submit to you that for the last 12 years, she's more or less been involved with the central nervous system to the company, being creative. Have you seen someone that made some mistakes and learned from those mistakes? Did you see someone who tried to correct them and tried to become a more aware administrator? If anything, I think it's gotten worse.

So, I don't think she's done a great job in that direction. Everyone I know that worked with Shane McMahon at digital with and WWE in general said it was a very relaxed environment. He had a terrific culture and the vibe in his department was terrific. It was like a lot of other places I've worked and been involved with. It was very laid back, very casual environment. The dress code was very relaxed. It wasn't a cut-throat, ruthless environment. It didn't feel like you were watching "Game Of Thrones." It felt like a good vibe, man. I feel like in entertainment, that's a critical thing. Especially when you're trying to be creative.

Stephanie has more of a shark tank/sophomore year in high school vibe. [Laughs.] I don't think it's very productive, I don't think it's very professional. If you look at 10 or 12 years of that operation, I don't think it looks like a very successful one or a viable one if you look at the turn over and the amount of people that say, 'This is a wonderful place.' You don't hear that coming out of creative.

It's sad, because WWE is capable of so many great things and they've demonstrated it over the course of 30 years. In the last ten years, I've never seen such a ground swelling on negativity surrounding one department. Not just from the people working there, but on the outside looking in. That says a lot.

They both have their weaknesses and they both have incredible traits that they could bring to the table. Again, it's very hard to replace Vince McMahon. How do you replace Vince McMahon? How do you replace Walt Disney? How do you replace these people? You can't. You can just surround yourself with the best people possible. I don't think Vince has done that and I don't think Stephanie has done that.

You can follow Bauer on Twitter at @CourtBauer. Make sure to check back tomorrow for our third part of our interview, where Bauer discusses angles he regrets, Eddie Guerrero death being exploited, angles he's proud of, why he left WWE and much more.

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