Former WWE Writer Talks Heat With Stephanie McMahon, WWE's Future Under Triple H, More

Former WWE Writer Talks Heat With Stephanie McMahon, WWE's Future Under Triple H, MoreRaj Giri of recently interviewed former WWE creative writer Court Bauer. In part two of our three part interview below, Bauer discussed his problems with Stephanie McMahon, if Vince McMahon should step down, the future of the company under Triple H and much more.

Make sure to check back tomorrow for our third part of our interview, where Bauer discusses angles he regrets, Eddie Guerrero death being exploited, angles he's proud of, why he left WWE and much more.

WrestlingINC: When you started working with WWE, were you encouraged to interact with other wrestlers and get other ideas?

Bauer: It depends on who you spoke to and what day and what time and what year and what month and week it was. There were times I was told by Vince that I'm tasked with Ric Flair and setting up his Flare-For-The-Gold retirement run that Steve Austin had pitched to Vince at WrestleMania XXIII. So I start working on it. Then, a day later, before I can even get to Ric, Stephanie tells me, "You're going to be working on this but I do not want you talking to Ric Flair. Any ideas you have for Ric, you can bring them to me and we'll go from there." So, I'm like, "How the hell is this going to work and what's that mean?"

WrestlingINC: Did she give you any details as to why?

Bauer: I asked her and then some s--t-storm came into her office and never got an answer. Some def-con 5 phone call or something. I thought that was kind of a cop-out. So at that point -- this was towards the end of my run there -- I was like, "You know what? I don't care. I'm going to do the best that I can." A lot of the times, Stephanie would have erratic decisions or comments that just didn't really add up. So, you learn to live with it and just try again. Just try to produce the best product. I never compromised my integrity in doing that. But I also realized that you're dealing with people that have their own limitations. Sometimes, you do stuff that may hamper or hinder these things. So, I was just, "I'm going to do what I got to do and not really sweat this stuff." I mean, it's really strange. With Steph -- there's a great with Steph and there's also a side that just makes you shake your head.

WrestlingINC: Can you go into details over any of the major disagreements that you've had with Stephanie?

Bauer: I'll tell you a strange story where we were all sitting around the table, talking about the first time they got busted open or got color -- color of course being blood. So, Vince is talking about the first time he did and how terrified he was that he was going to f--k it up real bad. Then, Ted [Dibiase] tells a story about what happened to him and where it happened and all that stuff. Michael [Hayes] tells a story, Dusty [Rhodes] tells a story. One of the writers tells a story that had nothing to do with wrestling but it was a pretty horrific story about how he gashed open his arm and you could still see the scar. Then, I tell the story about how my mentor, Gary Hart -- who was a terrific booker out of World Class, was there and set them up for their run in the '80's and was the manager of The Great Muta, Terry Funk.

So, I start telling the story of when he was in MLW when he did an angle with Low-Ki and Homicide and they ultimately cracked a broom stick over me and they used the wrong side and there was a sharp edge to it that sliced my forehead open and I'm gushing blood. So, we start talking about that and everyone and it's a very chill, laid-back conversation. Stephanie then points to me and says, "Can you come here?" after the meeting. We used to call that "getting called to the principal's office." She told me never to do that again. I said, "Why?" She said, "Only the boys can talk about getting color." I said, "Well, I was in wrestling. You hired me for my experience in wrestling. I've been in wrestling since 1998. That was 6-7 years ago. This is 2005. This is a little shady. But that's what she wants and I was like, "Fine. No problem."

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