TNA Wrestling Superstar Mr. Anderson joined Washington Redskins defensive end Adam Carriker and weight loss champion Chuck Carroll on their radio show, 4th & Pain, this week. Here are some highlights from the interview.

Is he still happy in pro wrestling: "I really am. And I think I've been reinvigorated. I took some time off a few months back... I took about four months off and took care of some personal things and just cleared my head. I've been in the business now for 13 years and was part of that major wrestling corporation for six or seven years. And the fact that we don't have an offseason and we go 52 weeks each year--that's what a lot of people don't realize--it does take its toll on your body, takes its toll on your mind. I will say that it's gone in waves. I've had some big ups in my career and I've had some lows. But overall I'm happy with every single thing I've done. I'm happy with the mistakes that I've made because I've learned from those mistake. I'm very happy with our company right now and the direction that it's going. I hope our fans are as excited about it as we are."

How he got the idea to announce his name twice: "The microphone fun and two-time name announcing began in high school when he was tasked with creating a fake radio advertisement for invisible underwear. No, we're not making this up.

"The teacher encouraged him to get into radio and shortly there after he began announcing for the school's basketball games. It was there he would 'add a little flare' and say the last names of the players twice.

"I'm down at OVW and Paul Heyman suggested to me that I go out to the ring and announce myself. And that was just something… I threw in the last Anderson, the second Anderson and I came I came back through the curtain everybody was like, 'That was awesome when you said your last name twice.' And it turned out that was what it took to get me to the dance. It seems so stupid, but just saying my last name twice… It's just those little things. "

Mr. Anderson also discussed wanting to be a journalist when his wrestling days are over and much more, you can check out the interview below:

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