Former WWE Writer Talks Guerrero's Death Being Exploited, Mysterio Buried As Champ, WWE Network

Anyway, he very quickly gets through the system and goes on to bigger and better things. He was just a terrific guy to see himself work his way into a position where he got himself signed. I showed Vince the tape. I take no credit for that. MVP made his own luck and opportunities. Then there's a guy like The Great Khali that no one wanted because the philosophy with Triple H and a lot of Shawn Michael's input is; work-horses, work-horses, work-horses. Which is great. But, what I used to love about wrestling is you would have the Ricky Steamboats and Shawn Michaels' and the Ric Flairs' of the world. But, then you would have guys like Yokozuna, Andre The Giant. Then you had guys like Lex Luger and Ultimate Warrior. Then you had guys like Hillbilly Jim and Big Van Vader. You had a variety and I like that. The fat guy, the tall guy, the giant, the muscle guy, the work-horses. You had the statues. The savages -- you had the Kamalas'. You had a nice potpourri of talent. Now, it was becoming a clone factory.

Everyone was looking the same. Everyone had the same tattooes, the same gear, the same haircut -- everything about how they worked. It was like a video game and you were just playing the same guy in a video game, over and over again. So, no one wanted to touch Great Khali and having known my success with MLW (where) I had cut a deal in India with Sony Internationals for home video and TV distribution in India and Bangladesh -- that region -- I knew there was a lot of opportunity and interest. I knew -- I got write-ups in MLW with Sonjay Dutt who was one of our champions -- that this would be a great opportunity to monetize a market that has been monetized by WWE.

I just thought, "Geez, I love a giant. This guy's terrifying. He's huge. He looks the real deal. He's different. He can't wrestle but he doesn't need to wrestle and Ted DiBiase agreed with me. Ted said -- and this is a great Ted story. He said, "When I worked Junk Yard Dog in Mid-South, I asked him about the three things he can do really good. JYD told me what these three things were and I worked the whole match around those three things." Vince said, "Fine, you got him. When do you want to start him? What's your story on him?" and I pitched it and -- boom -- we had Great Khali.

And then Ken Kennedy came along and a bunch of other guys. So, those were always great triumphs when you have the opportunity to take these guys into a system that isn't sure it has a place for them and see them excel. See them help WWE as a company and I loved that. My greatest experience with WWE was doing that kind of stuff.

WrestlingINC: One of the many things that drives fans crazy is when you see a wrestler and the fans start to get behind them and they get a push. Then, automatically, they're back to losing. They'll start to get over with a victory like when Cody Rhodes beat Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania and then Mysterio beats him on Smackdown! What is the thought behind that and when have you seen something like that?

Bauer: You know, it's never like, "We're going to put the brakes on this guy." I've only seen that a handful of times and ultimately it came out as a wash. A lot of time the talent screws up. It is like a fraternity and maybe a guy declines hanging out at a bar and he gets ribbed about it or something like that. He doesn't handle it well and it gets back to Vince and Vince is like, "Well, that guy doesn't sound like he's a player," and he'll ice him for something as stupid as that. Sometimes a talent will injure another talent and so you've got to pull it back because he's not safe and were not exactly sure where he's headed. Sometimes the talent does something weird and we'll say, "Do we really want to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in this guy and our future -- do we really want to be in bed with him? Let's wait and see. Let's test him."

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