Former WWE Writer Talks Guerrero's Death Being Exploited, Mysterio Buried As Champ, WWE Network

Sometimes it's just random. Bad agent reports. "This guy is the s--ts. He's stinking out the joint every time he wrestles." Sometimes it's just bad luck. Vince wants to change his mind about an angle or we have a better idea -- we think. [Laughs.] Maybe we don't and it turns out that we should have stayed the course. These are all circumstances that happen and it's not like it's this thing where there's some diabolical plan to shoot a guy in the knees and pull him down for a bit after he gets over. Circumstances come up that change the course of events. Good talent always rises to the top, nine out of ten times, as long as they don't become head cases from these disasters. That's just kind of fate.

Look at Steve Austin. He was introduced with the s--ttiest gimmick as The Ringmaster. He had someone else speaking for him who -- granted -- was a great talker. But that didn't help Steve. Steve just had to persevere and rise above i.

Today, guys go from town to town. They never think about their next promo because it's scripted for them and that's a problem. They don't even care about what you're making at the house. They don't even know what the house gate is because no one ever tells them. They don't care. They make the same money, either way. More or less. So, it's a different society, a different culture and a different business then it was 10, 15 years ago.

A lot of these guys are just cast in different roles. "You're going to be a chronic farter Natty Neidhart and you're going to be a ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez." It's not like they come in with a reputation of doing this one thing in an area like Puerto Rico or the U.K. and then you see that concept brought to TV today. You're typically shown on TV in a multitude of ways with developmental. Someone says, "Oh, that guy has good ideas on how to get over with his timing on the mic. Maybe he can be a comedy guy." So, a lot of guys are cast into roles unless they have something that they pitched to the office and then they demonstrate that they can get it over. There's very few of those guys now. MVP was one of them.

Today? I heard that Funkasaurus did that. I heard that Brodus Clay was one of those guys that pitched. They wanted him to be a by-the-numbers monster but he found a different way of packaging himself and pitched it to Vince and Vince thought he had balls for presenting himself like that and to put it all on the line for Vince. Then, it took off and I guess something happened with his work and I guess Vince was concerned and because of that, they shot him in the knee. See? Different circumstances get different results as to why these guys get pulled back down.

WrestlingINC: Was there a time when you strongly disagreed with the creative direction or an angle?

Bauer: Exploiting Eddie Guerrero's death. The burial of Rey Mysterio as a world champion...

WrestlingINC: To this day, that just boggles my mind. The Eddie Guerrero thing ... I was just so disgusted with how they followed up with that and using it for storyline purposes. The Randy Orton thing, saying that he's in hell...

Bauer: Poor Orton. I'll just say that he was a guy that... He knew that this was incredibly unprofessional and almost sinful to be doing this. It was disrespectful to this guy and his family and his legacy. He loved Eddie Guerrero. He was a young guy then -- Randy -- and he knew. He's a third generation guy. He knew what this was about. He knew how hard this business is. He was put in a position of saying a lot of horrible things and it was hard. It was like someone putting a gun to your head and saying, "Alright. Go out there and make a fool of yourself." That's kind of what happened.

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