Former WWE Writer Talks Guerrero's Death Being Exploited, Mysterio Buried As Champ, WWE Network

WrestlingINC: Whose idea was it to...

Bauer: Vince McMahon, definitely. No one was on board but Vince kept pushing for it and he just kept doing it. Week after week. He kind of gave it the whole holy water coating thing of being kosher -- mixing religious expressions and butchering it at that. Basically, he made it legit in his mind by saying that Eddie was up there right now laughing because he loved things like that. He'd be totally on board for stuff like this. How can you say that? It's just his way of saying something that made it feel less of a cold, evil thing.

It's one of those things that I disagreed on and everyone in the room disagreed on. We all wished we could have done more but we weren't -- we all volleyed it. "You sure? We could keep it more subtle." No. He wouldn't even go for more subtle. So, there was nothing we could do and it was a terrible feeling and it was one of the first flags that went up that let me know I needed to consider other opportunities. But, I would hold on for a few more years.

WrestlingINC: That lasted for a month or so and then it finally...

Bauer: I don't know. It felt like at least three or four months. Maybe it was a month, but it felt so long in my mind dealing with it every day. It felt like it was three to four. Who knows?

WrestlingINC: I remember Mick Foley wrote an article on saying, "If I were to pass away, I don't want to be used for storyline purposes." It seemed like after that column, it sort of stopped. I don't know if that had anything to do with it.

Bauer: Yeah, I think Vince honestly got something else in his mind. I think that's when Vince started going after Shawn and his religious background and "Vince vs. God" happened. I really think that's what got his attention. He found something more provocative, I think, to go after so he went after that. This is a guy that had this angle with Kurt Angle and Booker T and Sharmell where -- I don't know what the hell they had Kurt doing. They had Kurt Angle stalking her and then cutting a promo on Sharmell, holding her down, saying that he wanted to have bestiality sex with her.

WrestlingINC: I remember that angle and I remember thinking that, to me, seemed like something that would be from Michael Hayes.

Bauer: That was Vince McMahon and I don't think anyone but me and another writer realized that -- I don't think he meant bestiality sex. I think he meant bestial sex, which is animal-like sex where you're screaming or whatever. But, we tried to correct him and he was just convinced that that was the right word for it. So, we still aren't sure if he meant what I thought he meant or he meant like a threesome with a bear or something. [Laughs.] Or, yeah, the other version of that.
WrestlingINC: Is there a particular angle that you came up with during your time with WWE that you are really happy with how it turned out?

Bauer: Umaga's debut. He came in there and just destroyed everyone. Instantly, you knew, this guy wasn't just another guy. He was a game-changer. Another angle was being involved with the Melina/Batista had started to have a relationship and at that exact same time, we decided to take those two and have a forbidden love thing on TV. And it had this duality to it that was both real and not. It was a fascinating concept but it was cut short because I think that Batista was injured.
They had electricity, there was a spark and it was real. And there was also forbidden love as a theme that was true in a few ways. So, it was interesting to see that play out and be intricately involved with that. So in terms of contributing to that, I thought it was fascinating.

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