Former WWE Writer Talks Guerrero's Death Being Exploited, Mysterio Buried As Champ, WWE Network

For years, it seemed like it was a few of the executives playgrounds going down there and having fun. It's a good move to go in a different direction with different people overseeing the department. Kind of creating a step-by-step road to going to WWE, a real pathway which wasn't really there. You were kind of cast in a role if you were in developmental. If they like the way you spoke or looked for a certain role. Whether they were going to make you a plumbing wrestler or a Eugene, they'd cast you. It wasn't based on merits or anything having to do with the mechanics of in-ring wrestling. 'You look this role, let's use you. You look like the Boogeyman, let's use you as the Boogeyman.'

So, I think that kind of using a pathway to the WWE, something that kind of mirrors major league sports, that seems logical to me. In execution, we'll see how that turns out. I think they've done a great job with [Daniel Bryan]. If you look at where he was two years ago, you would have thought he would have ended up like Low Ki, who I guess either gave notice or they let go. He ended up going to Japan and I really thought that Daniel Bryan would be the next guy to do that. Instead, we see Daniel Bryan here, who's constantly in the mix. C.M. Punk has somehow stayed in the mix. That's good that they have somewhat of a commitment to young talent. That's important.

They still seem kind of antiquated with a lot of the other stuff they're doing. They've still kind of represented women on the show the same way for the last ten years. I think that's kind of gotten way overdone. I think that money can be reallocated to older wrestlers that can't work but can still bump, that can still talk and be utilized as managers. Or younger talent that, for whatever reason, can't be a real main eventer or really can't work in the ring, but has valuable assets that you can use. Skill sets that you can use and make them managers. That's something that you could do.

I mean, I think if you put a manager with Jack Swagger that we could have cherry picked from the '80's or even '90's, he would have a totally different career if you had booked him properly. So, I think there is a lot of value to that. And I think like guys like Dolph Ziggler, and his in-ring performances have been exceptional, but they're not really committed to him. If anything, it almost seems like there's a running joke with him and how they use him with finishes and guys like Sheamus. But, he to me is a guy that just couldn't be more fond of. They've got to find a way to make the environment less toxic or make it more appealing to talent so they keep more talent.

I've never seen, in my time watching wrestling or being involved with wrestling, where WWE was getting talent to just pass. They didn't go to WCW, or TNA, they just sat at home like John Morrison is and enjoying life after wrestling. A guy like MVP -- I can go on and on. There's a lot of guys that are just saying, 'You know what? I'm good, I'm cool.' I'm mean, that's what Edge was going to do. His plan was to pretty much get out of there anyway. That says a lot to me that these guys are saying, 'I'm out.'

But, I think they are doing good moves in not trying to do as much with the brands in terms of separation. Ultimately, I'd like to see one World champion and one US or Intercontinental champion and merge those two belts. Emphasis the tag team championships. Maybe they don't see it in Dolph Ziggler yet, but maybe if they could put him in a tag team and he could be showcased as a champion, then maybe they could see him break out. They have too many titles and then things get cloudly and muddled by that.

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