Former WWE Writer Talks Guerrero's Death Being Exploited, Mysterio Buried As Champ, WWE Network

WrestlingINC: Yeah, I agree 100%. Then, it looks like they'll go in that direction but then they'll change course. The reason I always hear is with the touring, they want the two brands with two titles. But, it seems like the World title has been so devalued at this point that people don't see it as a World title at this point. I mean, it seems like you could have Cena headline one and have the World title on another one, and you're in a better situation then you are now.

Bauer: it's interesting, because I remember growing up and you'd go to New York City, you got the World champion. You go out to the Westchester County Center, I'd get, like, Tugboat in my main event. [Laughs.] But 3,000 people would show up to see Tugboat wrestle against Earthquake or whatever it was. That was good enough. The mid-card meant more then. Guys like Alex Riley, he's kind of just a younger version of Charlie Haas. You don't really know much about him. There's no real packaging done. He's just Alex Riley and he has black trunks just like everyone else and the same haircut like everyone else.

I think the one thing Triple H will bring to the table, which is something I hear is a priority of his, I think he'll kind of bring back the old WWE star-making machine. Where you have the Kharma-style vignettes and music that's unique to her character and she has good, interesting gear -- which she's always had. I think that means a lot to have a superstar's entrance and doing vignettes and all that stuff. I think a lot of the roster right now could use a lot of that TLC.

WrestlingINC: What made you get back involved with MLW?

Bauer: [After leaving WWE] and for the first time since I was four or five years old, I pulled the plug on wrestling for a little bit, maybe five or six months. Jumped into other projects and other things. I became a consultant and producer and business development guy within MMA. I produced a reality series pilot with Frank Shamrock for Showtime with Strikeforce. I've done some music videos, developed some cool stuff. I'm working now with Danny McBride of Eastbound & Down fame with season three airing right now. There's a character played by Will Ferrell that's Ric Flair-inspired. I've done some work with the Upright Citizens Brigade. I continue to do some fun stuff and after WWE, I got a call about MLW's tape library because I've always owned the trademark and intellectual property rights. I only sold the library. So they were kind of still having to deal with me. It was under WGO Properties which bought MLW's tape library. 2008 happened and s--t hit the fan world-wide. Not even in Asia was it a pretty sight with the crash of 2008. So they were liquidating a lot of their assets and they asked if I was interested in re-acquiring MLW's library. I said, "Sure, depending on the price."

I ultimately bought it back for pennies on the dollar that I sold it for. Which is the best business move I've ever made. If anything, I thought that I could maybe continue their syndication deals and expand those deals. In the worst case, I get to hold on to something that was a real labor of love for me have that for prosperities sake. To show it to my family when I'm old and gray. This is what I did when I was crazy and young.

Then, Twitter happened. People started asking me more about MLW then WWE which I thought was interesting. You had so many guys from C.M. Punk, to Brian Danielson (Daniel Bryan), to Teddy Hart to Harry Smith, who would become David Hart-Smith. To Umaga -- who was one of my creations at WWE -- to a lot of guys like Terry Funk, Steve Corino and so on. So, a lot of people just wanted to talk about that and the crazy matches we had in MLW -- the war games matches, barbed wire matches and all kinds of crazy stuff.

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