Former WWE Writer Talks Guerrero's Death Being Exploited, Mysterio Buried As Champ, WWE Network

I thought, "Geez. Maybe there's a way to monetize this but also to create a digital hub for fans to connect about the product." Maybe put some of the content up there and see what happens. Not to start MLW because that's not something I'm interested in doing. Just to celebrate what it was and to give fans something to watch so they're not so miserable with what they're watching on USA and SpikeTV all the time.

So, we started working on the MLW Digital project in November or December of last year. Just a little side-project and I guess it's the closest you'll ever get to me working in wrestling again. But, it's a fun thing. I'm enjoying it.

We do a weekly podcast with former WCW star and current AAA booker, Konnan. He and his partner in crime, Saint Laurent, do a podcast. They're very honest, it's very insightful. I will jump on a lot of the times with them and we'll talk about the creative process down in Mexico or what it was like in TNA or WWE. We'll share crazy stories or gossip about the latest news that's going on. We'll sometimes break news with what's going on in some of the companies. We've had MVP on, we've had the Ultimate Warrior on.

So, it's a crazy show. It kind of breaks the mold and it's free. That's the biggest thing on the digital front. We have MLW Classics which is going to start airing in South Asia, it actually just started airing in Thailand. It's going to air later this summer in Hong Kong and later this summer in India. We signed with Sony International out that way.

MLW Classic will feature guys like Daniel Bryan and C.M. Punk, who were in MLW. Teddy Hart, Terry Funk. Umaga was in MLW. Low Ki was in MLW. Gary Hart -- the Great Muta's old manager -- was in MLW. JJ Dillon, Steve Corino and the Extreme Horsemen. There was barbed wire matches, high-flying matches. La Parka. We had all kinds of luchadors. It was just an incredible, diverse array of talent. So, we'll have a lot of those matches showcased on this regular TV series and hopefully, we'll be adding it to more markets. So, we'll be able to announce that.

So, we have that all available on and you can learn all about MLW and the whole digital project we've been doing there. You can follow MLW, @MLWwrestling. Yeah, that's the latest on the MLW front. It's keeping me more busy than I ever anticipated. I thought we'd just be doing a podcast and then something else pops up and something else pops up. So, it's been exciting and it's all just from people starting to tweet me up on my Twitter account about MLW and all their positive memories.
'I didn't realize this. Maybe we should create some sort of digital hub for fans to re-connect and we can put some stuff up there.' Then, it's become something I just never thought it would be because the fans wanted it. So, it's very humbling and it's very incredibly that all these years later, people are still into it.

WrestlingINC: Any final comments for the readers of WrestlingINC?

Bauer: I know I'm not alone when I say that people on the inside of WWE -- including myself -- have always bookmarked I know a lot of big guys check it out. So, this is one of the sources that people check for their wrestling news because you guys have got the real stuff. So, I can't give you a bigger endorsement. I really do love your site and I check it out daily. The people up in Stamford do as well. [Laughs.]

You can follow Bauer on Twitter at @CourtBauer.

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For part two of our interview, where Bauer discussed his problems with Stephanie McMahon, if Vince McMahon should step down, the future of the company under Triple H and much more, click here.

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