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Bo Dallas & Derrick Bateman vs. Johnny Curtis & Michael McGillicutty

Curtis and Dallas start off and Curtis immediately wants out and tags McGillicutty. Dallas and Bateman take turns on McGillicutty. McGillicutty rolls out to regroup and Dallas gives chase. Dallas focuses on Curtis on the apron and McGillicutty catches him with a baseball slide from under the ropes.

Curtis gets a shot in and throws him in the ring. McGillicutty gets 2 in the ring. Dallas works up from a headlock but McGillicutty keeps him in their corner and tags Curtis. Dallas counters Curtis with and elbow in the corner and makes it to his corner to tag Bateman.

Bateman comes in with all cylinders and speeds things up but McGillicutty breaks his pin attempt. McGillicutty grabs Bateman's foot from the outside which allows Curtis to hit a sit-down suplex for the win.

Winners by pin: Curtis & McGillicutty


Antonio Cesaro vs. Alex Riley

JR has joined commentary. He says Cesaro is the most interesting man in the world. Cesaro gets the better of the lockup and takes Riley down. Riley counters with a dropkick and a faceplant off the second turnbuckle for a 1 count. Cesaro applies an abdominal stretch which Riley quickly escapes. Cesaro goes to work in the corner and connects with a big boot that knocks Riley down; he gets 2.

Cesaro lifts Riley up in a gutwrench with relative ease and slams him in a side suplex. Riley kicks out at 2. Cesaro puts on a clinic. Riley battles back with a back bodydrop. Riley hits a flurry of quick moves including a spinebuster. Riley waits too long and also gets distracted by Aksana which allows Cesaro to capitalize. He drops Riley after adjusting his neck for the pin.

Winner by pin: Cesaro

-Kassius Ohno (Chris Hero) interview: He says the element of danger is missing and that's what he brings.

-Brock Lesnar-SummerSlam "F5 Twister" Promo Video

-Drew McIntyre interview: Striker asks him about his fall from grace. McIntyre says everybody keeps talking about Seth Rollins but tonight, the talking ends.

Natalya vs. Sofia Cortez

Natalya gets the early takedown which is countered into a leg scissors. They reset, Natalya applauds Cortez and offers her hand but pulls Cortez in and goes for a slam which is quickly countered by the agile Cortez. Natalya hits a powerful clothesline for 2. They go back and forth, with both women getting near-falls. Natalya falls out of the ring from the momentum of Sofia's kick-out. Natalya says she hates her. The ref counts Natalya out.

Winner by count-out: Sofia Cortez

Natalya attacks Cortez in the ring. She applies the Sharpshooter as the ref tries to get her off. She releases and plays to the fans as she leaves up the ramp.


-RAW 1000 highlights

The Ascension vs. Dante Dash & Garrett Dylan

The Ascension (Conor O'Brian & Kenneth Cameron) make their "Brood-like" entrance. O'Brian walks right past Dash and knocks Dylan off the apron. O'Brian and Cameron take turns on Dash with evil intensity. Cameron takes Dash's head off with a kick and O'Brian makes the cover for the win.

Winners by pin: The Ascension

-Big E Langston Vignette: Debuts Next Week

Seth Rollins vs. Drew McIntyre

They lock-up to a stalemate. Rollins goes behind on the second attempt and Drew grabs the ropes after being unable to break the hold. Rollins takes Drew off his feet and they go back and forth with quick counters. Rollins hits a nice a couple of dropkicks and Drew goes to the outside. Rollins leaps over the ropes after him.


Back in the ring, they hit a double clothesline and lay each other out. They both kip-up and Rollins hits an Enzuigiri. Rollins builds momentum with agile kicks and punches. Rollins hits a splash in the corner and a reverse STO onto the second turnbuckle. Drew catches him with a knee to the gut. Rollins hits a Superkick with Drew on his knees and gets 2. Rollins goes up top, misses with the corkscrew moonsault, but lands on his feet. Drew hits a big boot to the face and hits a modified double underhook DDT for the win.

Winner by pin: Drew McIntyre

Dusty Rhodes will have a big announcement next week.

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