TNA Impact Results - Storm Behind Aces & 8's?, Angle Vs. Bully, Ion Vs. King, Chavo, More

Shaw hits a shoulderblock and a dropkick followed by a back bodydrop. Shaw is very quick and impressive. He slams Williams and goes up top. He waits too long and Williams pulls him off. There is some disturbance in the front row and security comes out. It's Joey Ryan and he punches Al Snow in the face.

Williams hits a big knee in the corner and a suplex. He measures Shaw but Shaw slaps his hand away. Williams slaps him in the face and flips him out of the corner and ends in a vicious German Suplex.

Winner by pin: Douglas Williams

X-Division wrestlers tell Aries who needs to be cut. Aries kicks Ion out of his office because he hasn't added anything. He sends him off with a poster of Aries and Roode from Destination X. Aries kicks Rashad out also.

-Chavo Vignette


-Bellator MMA fighter Ben Saunders is in the audience.

Chavo Guerrero makes his entrance in a suit and a pink shirt. He looks like Michael Cole. We get a 'Chavo' chant. Chavo says 'Hola' to his 'Rasa.' Chavo says he sees hunger in the eyes of the TNA roster. He is here to beat the best. He says it's time to be a champion.

He is interrupted by Kid Kash and Gunner. Kash makes fun of Chavo's lineage. He asks where his family is. Chavo says everybody here in the stands are his family. Kash asks where Sr. is at. Is he too old or too drunk? Chavo punches Kash in the face and mixes it up with Gunner but is outnumbered. Hernandez comes out to his rescue. Chavo hits a dropkick on Kash to send him out of the ring.

Storm tells Angle he is not behind Aces & 8's and assures Angle he has his back. The camera freezes on him as Angle walks away.


Al Snow is upset about Joey Ryan. Taz and Prichard try to get him to calm down. Snow says he didn't see Shaw's match but he's a talented kid. Taz liked him as well.

-AJ-Claire Video

-Bound for Glory LeaderBoard: Samoa Joe is in the lead, followed by Storm.


Bound for Glory Series: AJ Styles vs. James Storm

Claire looks on from ringside. AJ and Storm go back and forth in the ring as the crowd applauds their clinic. Storm goes for a pin and then applies a reverse headlock. AJ gets to his feet and hits a strike to the face but Storm slams him for 2.

Storm hits a nice back bodydrop and goes back to the headlock. AJ fights out again and connects with a phenomenal dropkick and gets 2. AJ sends Storm, face-first into the turnbuckle and hits a suplex for 2. AJ applies his own headlock. Storm fights out with ferocity and drives AJ's back into the corner. Storm hits a flurry of offense for another 2.

AJ drops him in a suplex and gets another near-fall. AJ sends him in but misses with the splash. Storm puts AJ on the ropes but AJ fights. Storm hits the Eye of the Storm for 2. Storm sends him in and charges in with a clothesline. AJ counters a DDT into a Northern Lights suplex to Storm into the corner. AJ goes up top and flies halfway across the ring with a fist but somehow Storm kicks out. Storm counters a Styles Clash into a vicious powerslam and slowly makes a cover for 2.

They mix it up on the apron as Storm drives AJ's face into the side of the ring and gets another 2. AJ hits an Enzuigiri out of nowhere. Storm is able to hit a Codebreaker. He calls for the Last Call but AJ counters with a Pele.

Aces & 8's run-in and attack AJ including the ref and security, but not Storm, who is laid out in the corner. They leave.

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