Re-Post: 'Impact Wrestling' Results With Tons Of Video


Storm is asked about why he wasn't attacked. Storm gets in his face and says not to accuse him.

Snow, Taz, and Prichard along with Borash are in the ring. Sam Shaw comes out. He says he came up short but he has the drive and determination that it takes. Al Snow says because of a jacka** he didn't get to see the match and he would love to stick it up Joey Ryan and say 'yes,' but he says, 'no.' Prichard says, 'yes.' Shaw cuts one last promo to convince Taz to say, 'yes.' The crowd agrees. Taz says he likes his energy and says, 'yes.' Shaw hugs Taz and the rest of the judges and is very excited.

Aries is down to Sanjay Dutt, Dakota Darsow, and Kenny King. He asks the men why they each deserve a title shot. Darsow says he brings nothing flashy and pretty but something different. Aries takes exception to that and says that is what the X-Division is all about. He cuts Darsow.


Zema Ion makes his entrance. Aries is behind the curtain with Dutt and King. He tells Dutt to get his shoulder healthy and gives the match to King.

TNA X-Division Championship: Zema Ion (c) vs. Kenny King

Ion is backed into the corner and grabs his hairspray to fix his hair. King hits a nice dropkick and a splash in the corner. He comes off the ropes with a splash for 2. King hits a snap suplex. Ion pushes King off the turnbuckle and flies over the top onto King.

Ion goes up top in the ring, and hits a missile dropkick on King. Ion drives his knees into King's back and gets 2. Ion hits chops in the corner and whips him in opposite corners. Ion drops King across his knee for another 2. King hits a kick to the head and a clothesline. King hits a suplex and launches Ion onto the apron. King flies over the top with a corkscrew onto Ion on the outside.

King goes to springboard in the ring but is attacked at ringside by Bobby Roode. Roode sends King back in and Ion hits a moonsault off the corner for the win.

Winner by pin AND STILL TNA X-Division Champion: Zema Ion

Aries comes out and attacks Roode on the ramp.

-Bully says he has no level of concern of Aces & 8's. He has respect for Angle but he will go through him tonight.


-Video of Aries' World Title win

-Ion will team with Roode to face Aries & King next week.

BFG Series: Kurt Angle vs. Bully Ray

They feel each other out and lock-up and break in the corner. Angle goes behind and Bully reverses. Kurt switches back. They reset and Bully backs off. Bully knocks Angle down and Angle applies the Angle Lock but Ray reaches the ropes.

Ray hits a piledriver on Angle!


Bully hits a swinging neckbreaker and gets 2.


Bully makes two consecutive covers for 2. Bully measures Angle with an elbow to the head. Angle manages a clothesline and they both struggle to get up. Kurt hits a forearm off the ropes and a nice suplex for 2. Bully hits the Bully Bomb for 2 after countering the Angle Slam.

Kurt hits 3 German Suplexes. Kurt locks in the Angle Lock. Bully rolls out and they trade shots in the middle. Bully hits a Rock Bottom for 2. Angle ducks a big boot and hits the Angle Slam but Bully barely kicks out. Kurt misses with the moonsault off the top. Bully hits a boot for another 2. Angle hits another Angle Slam for the win.

Winner of 7 points by pin: Kurt Angle

Aces & 8's attacks and takes apart Angle. Aries, AJ, and Sting come down to even up the odds. Storm's music hits and he runs down as Aces & 8's leave.

Tenay informs us that next week Storm will face Angle. Angle and Storm argue in the ring.

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