Re-Post: 'Impact Wrestling' Results With Tons Of Video

Re-Post: 'Impact Wrestling' Results With Tons Of VideoWelcome to the Impact Zone from Orlando. The BFG Series continues tonight along with the debut of Chavo Guerrero.

Sting comes to the ring. He says Hogan is laid out thanks to Aces & 8's. Dixie has put him in charge for tonight and he says he's alone and he calls them out. Austin Aries comes to the ring.

Aries says he admires Sting's courage but this is about a numbers game and making a statement. Aries says he will jump on any Aces & 8's member he sees tonight and make a statement. Kurt Angle comes to the ring.

Angle says they laid him out and also tried to cost him a title match and he wants to fight them too. Bobby Roode comes out on the ramp and says he knows who is behind this. His mic messes up and Angle offers his through a producer.

Roode says the man responsible is James Storm. He says he knows Storm and he is a jealous manipulative piece of crap. Storm runs down and attacks him from behind. He throws Roode in the ring and they go at it like wild dogs as Sting, Angle, and Aries watch. Angle finally pulls Storm off Roode. Roode walk up the ramp and says, "I told you."


Kid Kash and Tara talk about Chavo in interview clips backstage. Angle sounds like he's reading cue-cards as he calls Chavo one of the greatest of all time.

-Roode insists Storm is the one as he grabs his bags and leaves backstage.

Madison Rayne & Gail Kim vs. Tara & Mickie James

Gail and Tara mix it up. Mickie tags herself in and hits a basement dropkick to Gail's grill for 2. Mickie hits an armdrag and then a Thesz Press. Madison kicks her in the back and Gail capitalizes with a hard clothesline.

Madison tags in and keeps Mickie under control. Mickie moves in the corner and is able to make the hot tag to Tara. She sends Madison in and hits a series of clotheslines. Tara hits a sideslam into a pin but Gail breaks the cover.

Tara tags Mickie and they put a double Boston Crab on Madison. Gail comes off the top but gets caught in a double leg-hold as well. Mickie rolls up Madison into a bridge. Earl Hebner seems to have botched the call because Mickie's shoulder came up and her music was played for a split second but he raised Madison's hand.

Winner by pin: Madison & Gail

Aries and Sting discuss Aces & 8's backstage. Sting tells him to make some cuts in the X-Division and determine who deserves a title shot because he has too much on his mind.


-Hernandez, Gunner, and Bully talk about Chavo.

Borash is in the ring with Sam Shaw. His opponent is Douglas Williams.

Gut Check: Sam Shaw vs. Douglas Williams

Shaw hits a shoulderblock and a dropkick followed by a back bodydrop. Shaw is very quick and impressive. He slams Williams and goes up top. He waits too long and Williams pulls him off. There is some disturbance in the front row and security comes out. It's Joey Ryan and he punches Al Snow in the face.

Williams hits a big knee in the corner and a suplex. He measures Shaw but Shaw slaps his hand away. Williams slaps him in the face and flips him out of the corner and ends in a vicious German Suplex.

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