As noted earlier, The Wrestling Observer reported that WWE is considering making the "legends" segments on RAW a recurring feature. I've been told that the segment wouldn't be a dedicated or branded segment, but something where there's a constant issue that involves either one or two legends and a younger talent (i.e. Heath Slater). The belief is that this would help younger talent learn elements of the wrestling business that they typically wouldn't learn working with each other.

There's also discussion about bringing this concept on the road, but obviously some of the legends aren't capable of physically doing a regular schedule. The idea is still a work in progress, but Vince McMahon is leaning towards it and utilizing legends under a blanket legends deal.

"This would freshen up the arena cards and provide viewers watching at home a familiar face without requiring much additional investment as most legends are typically over the second their music plays," a source tells us. "The difficulty is getting an extended length of time out of this category of talent as nostalgia has typically proved to have a short shelf-life with even the biggest names."

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