A battle royal was help to determine who would challenge TNA World Champion Austin Aries later in the night. Participants included: Garett Bischoff, Magnus, Devon, Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, Mr. Anderson, RVD, Daniels, Kaz and Bobby Roode, who was a no show until the end. I can't remember the order in which they were tossed out but Hardy was the last one standing, until Roode darted out of the crowd and tossed Hardy over the ropes, demanding the ref raise his hand.

The Knockouts title match started with Madison Rayne asking where Earl Hebner was. There was a lot of waving to the crowd on her part, but Miss Tessmacher finally defeated Rayne to defend her title.

At this point, Joesph Parks was pulled from the crowd and into the ring for an interview with JB. Daniels and Kaz enter, and start beating him down. Then Pope comes running out as if to make the save, only to turn and start beating on Parks himself. The three beat on him for a few minutes until Anderson, Devon and Garett came out. The three in the ring bailed quickly. Anderson asked for a 3 way match. Daniels said 'no' and they started leaving, but then JB got on the mic and said if they didn't return to the ring, they would be stripped of the titles. On the 9 count they all jumped in the ring. The match was pretty good, back and forth, until it spilled onto the floor. Finally the two legals were back in the ring, Anderson pinned Pope, and got the three before the others could jump in and save him.

BFG Series Match: Magnus vs. Jeff Hardy. Crowd loved Hardy. The match went back and forth, until Magnus rolled Hardy up and pulled the tights for the three count to get 7 points.

BFG Series Match: Kurt Angle vs. Rob Van Dam. This match was great! Several big moves. RVD got the pinfall to earn 7 points.

Main Event: Bobby Roode vs. TNA World Champion Austin Aries. Because of the fact that Roode had snuck out the battle royal win, the Hardy fans were on him hard. After SEVERAL minutes of whining around the ring, and having JB tell the crowd that Canada would defeat everyone in the Olympics, Roode finally got into the ring. Match was great. Aries won in the end.

Show was pretty good, all in all. Hardy was amazing with the ringside crowd, posing for many pictures after the match and giving hugs. It was very awesome to see how the wrestlers interacted with the crowd throughout the night.

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