- JBL commented on our story about The Rock possibly not being able to make WrestleMania 29 on his Twitter, writing, "FYI I believe Rock will be at Mania, just saw an interesting news story on it and posted it at layfieldReport.com Hope you enjoy!!"

- Rey Mysterio is currently overseas doing promotional work in the Phillipines and Taiwan. He is not listed for any upcoming WWE events until the August 7th SmackDown tapings from the Toyota Center in Houston, TX.

- WWE.com has an interview with Jerry "The King" Lawler discussing the 30th anniversary of Lawler slapping comedian Andy Kaufman on Late Night with David Letterman. Lawler discussed his legendary feud with Kaufman in detail, as well as Letterman's reaction to the slap.

"Paul Shaffer stopped playing the music, and the place just went silent," Lawler said. "Everybody was just stunned. Dave had no clue to what to. He said later that was the first time he completely lost control of a show. It just shocked everybody... I sat down, and Andy was offstage, so Dave asked if he was going to come back. Andy said, 'No, I can't. If I come back I'm just going to say words you can't say on TV. So I'm not coming out there.' That part wasn't on TV, but once we came back on, Andy stormed onto the set and just started screaming profanities. I couldn't believe it. Apparently that's the thing that really freaked Dave out because he knew Andy would never swear. He'd never curse. Dave tries to look down at some papers on his desk. He doesn't know what to do while Andy is screaming. Andy keeps going on and on, pounds on Dave's desk, and Dave jumps. Then Andy grabs Dave's cup of coffee and looks at me, shows me the cup and throws the hot coffee at me. I jump up, lunge toward him, he takes off, then the security guard takes us off."

It's a great read, you can check out the full interview by clicking here.

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