Detailed Results From Last Night's TNA Live Event In Akron: Aries Vs. Angle, Roode Vs. RVD

Borash came out to pump out the crowd. There was some Don West wannabe who was selling $50 backstage passes to meet Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, RVD, and Jeff Hardy during the intermission. I misheard him and offered him $15 for the backstage pass. He said, "Not 15... 50!"

On to the matches:

Participants included Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam, Jeff Hardy, Bobby Roode, Mr. Anderson, Devon, Magnus, Christopher Daniels, Kazarian, The Pope, Garrett Bischoff
It seemed like it took the wrestlers longer to come out to the ring than the actual battle royal. During Garret Bischoff's entrance, someone held up a sign that said "Bischoff Fears Steiner". Bischoff acknowledged the sign and laughed. I give him respect for that. Boom Shakalaka!

AJ Styles was originally booked for the show, but was not there. I think The Pope took AJ's place, and they also had to shuffle the rest of the card around.

The battle royal was what you would expect… a lot of punching and kicking with the occasional person thrown over the top rope. Jeff Hardy was the first eliminated. The battle royal came down to Angle, Daniels, and Kazarian. Angle eliminated both men. But wait, Bobby Roode was hiding under the ring and re-entered the battle royal. For sure, Bobby was going to sneak in a cheap win.... However, Angle threw him over the top rope as well.

Angle will be fighting Aries for the belt at the end of the show. Time of the match = approximately 5 minutes

TNA Knockouts Championship
Miss Tessmacher is doing a decent job as Knockouts champion, but she is no Angelina Love or Velvet Sky. There were signs in the audience that read "Where's Velvet?" and "Bring Back Angelina." There was a guy in the audience that held up a sign that said "I'm Only Happy When it Raynes."

Tessmacher won the match with her finisher. Time of the match = approximately 6 minutes.

After the match, they had a spot where Madison was hurt and Earl Hebner came down to help. I think Earl went for a kiss and was denied.

In between matches, they spotlighted Joseph Park in the audience.

Bound For Glory Series Match

During the match Anderson's gum fell out of his mouth and on to the canvas. Hebner kicked the gum out of the ring, and it hit some guy in the front row!

The winner of this bout with a Sharpshooter… Miiiisssssstttteeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr An-der-son… …wait for it… An-der-son. Time of the match = approximately 6 minutes.

After the match, Borash interviewed Joseph Park in the ring. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian came out wearing graduation caps and gowns. Seemed strange to me. Lots of talking, Kazarian and Daniels start to beat up Park, and then Devon and Bischoff come down and challenge Daniels and Kazarian to a match.

Now, here's where the advertised card starts to change.
Originally scheduled was DANIELS/KAZARIAN VS KURT ANGLE/AJ STYLES, instead we get DANIELS/KAZARIAN VS BISCHOFF/DEVON (AJ might be hurt or something. Maybe 'Aces and Eights' got him?)

TNA Tag Team Championship
Daniels and Kazarian win! Time of the match = approximately 12 minutes. Probably the best match of the night.

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