Detailed Results From Last Night's TNA Live Event In Akron: Aries Vs. Angle, Roode Vs. RVD


Tessmacher and Hebner signing autographs at the merchandise table.
Tessmacher had the same deal as Madison Rayne. For $10, you could buy a Miss Tessmacher tapestry and get your picture taken behind the table with Tessmacher.

Those with $50 backstage passes met Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, RVD and Jeff Hardy.

The entire intermission was approximately 30 minutes long to get everyone through the meet and greets.

Back to the matches...

Roode wins with the spear. Time of the match = approximately 9 minutes

This match was unscheduled. Jeff Hardy came out and actually walked through the crowd. I thought that was cool. Hardy won the match with a 'Twist of Fate'. Hardy was going to go for a Swanton, but was stopped on his way to the top rope by the Pope. Hardy blocked Pope's next move and hit the 'Twist of Fate.' Time of the match = approximately 7 minutes.

There was a guy in the crowd who had a sign that resembled Jeff Hardy's painted eyelids. The sign would open up and reveal another set of eyes. Looked like the guy spent a lot of time on the sign, and probably got some help. Hardy acknowledged the sign, gave the guy a high-five, and also gave him one of his forearm covers. I think the guy then gave the forearm cover to some kid in the audience.

TNA World Championship
I was surprised how small Austin Aries looked in person. Some guy held up a sign that said "ARIES = MIDGET CHAMPION." Aries challenge they guy to come into the ring, called him a smart ass, and said he wouldn't last 5 minutes with him in the ring.

Anyways, Aries won the match. Time of the match = approximately 9 minutes.

After the match, Aries stayed in the ring and posed for photographs for $20. The four of us combined our money for one group photo. On the way to the ring, I saw four playing cards on the ground that has become the symbol for the Aces and Eights gang. After we got our picture taken, I laid the cards at Aries feet and said, "They're coming for you next." TNA security moved us along.

All in all, we had a great time. TNA puts on a great show, and it is good to see all the wrestlers in person. I half expected to see an 'Aces and Eights' run-in, but that did not happen... maybe next time.

I would say that a $50 meet and greet ticket should give you access to all of the wrestlers. It seemed like TNA was trying to "nickel and dime" everyone into meeting all the stars. You had to buy extra merchandise or another pass to see the top level guys. This is just my opinion. I know that there are a lot of people that think it's worth it to shell out the extra cash. I'm just giving you something to think about.

Top signs of the night:
1. Jeff Hardy eyelid makeup
2. "Aries = Midget Champion"
3. "Where's Velvet?"
4. "Aces and Eights"
5. "Bischoff Fears Steiner"
6. "I'm Only Happy When it Raynes"

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