Source: WWE Corporate

WWE updated their Key Performance Indicators late last week with updated figures for the second quarter of this year. You can read the full PDF report at this link, here are some highlights:

* Average live event attendance in North America for Q2 was 6,200, down slightly from 6,400 in Q2 2011. The company ran 57 live events in the quarter in both 2011 and 2012.

* Total pay-per-view buys were up from 2011, with the company doing 1.897 million buys in the second quarter this year compared to 1.598 million last year.

* Average pay-per-view buys for the second quarter was 460,000, compared to 395,000 last year. If you factor out WrestleMania, the average buys for the quarter drops to 208,000. According to a chart in the report, WrestleMania looks to have done between 1.1 million - 1.2 million buys, up from last year.

* Home video units shipped were down, with the company shipping 837,000 units in the quarter, compared to 917,000 last year.

* Website traffic was down slightly from last year, as their website did 13.5 million unique visitors in Q2, compared to 13.6 million uniques last year in the same quarter. However, the average time spent on the site per monthly unique visitors was way up, from 19 minutes in Q2 to 2011 to 27 minutes this year.

* Orders on were also up from last year, with the company doing 63,000 orders in Q2 2012, compared to 59,000 in Q2 2011.

WWE will report its 2012 second quarter results this Thursday, August 2nd, before the opening of the market.

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