Matt Hardy Talks Signing With WWE, Tag Team Wrestling Today, Working With The Kliq & More

John Cena's not setting record numbers on TV, he's not selling out every house show, this, that and the other thing. They're going to be worried about finding the best guy that's going to be selling out every event, that's going to make pay-per-views sell more than ever before, that is appropriate for whatever the time is before they're really able to focus on tag team wrestling.

Over the last few weeks, they've tried to have a little bit more focus on tag team wrestling but they will never get the full devotion and focus of creative, Vince and likely Hunter until their completely comfortable with the top guy situation.

WrestlingINC: You had a short period where you were released in 2005 where you had the whole situation with Edge and Lita. Is everything cool with them now?

Hardy: Yeah, every thing's cool, man. Looking back now, in hindsight, it was a crazy, interesting period to say the least. But every thing's cool now and I definitely chalk it up now to a learning experience more than anything else.

WrestlingINC: You're actually booked on some of the same shows as your girlfriend (Reby Sky) and Lita. Do you keep in touch with her?

Hardy: Not on a regular basis, but it's definitely going to be an interesting scenario to say the least.

WrestlingINC: When you returned, it seemed like they pushed you down to the bottom again and you had to work your way back up. Was that kind of how you saw it?

Hardy: I obviously came back and I was real hot when I came back and I still think the cage match I had with Edge and Unforgiven 2005 was one of my best matches ever. I'm a huge fan of that match. But, yeah, there was definitely a period I went through there of trials and tribulations. I definitely had to prove myself once again. Sometimes, the WWE is in that mindset where if you end up forcing their hand into making a decision, sometimes, there can be a little bit of a repercussion for it. They want to be the people in control, they want to be the people with the power. It takes a while to learn and figure out how that system works.

So, yeah, I think there was a little bit of a scenario where I had to learn to earn my keep once again. It's one of those things, man. You're living the dream and you're making money and you're getting to go out and wrestle and do what you love. You're earning a paycheck for it. Just go out and do it, man.

It's really easy to get frustrated or aggravated with your situation. But, at the end of the day, regardless of whether you win, lose or draw, you are getting a paycheck for wrestling. So, just do the best you can, work hard and be happy.

Make sure to check back tomorrow for the second and final part of our interview, where Hardy discusses changes in the business from the Attitude Era, scripted promos, if wrestlers are punished for getting themselves over, if he signed with TNA too soon, if he's done wrestling full time and much more.

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