Matt Hardy Talks Changes In Business From Attitude Era, If He Signed With TNA Too Soon, More

Hardy: Honestly, I think it's just that my body feels better. I love wrestling, that's not going to change. I'll be connected to professional wrestling/sports-entertainment for the rest of my life. I just have such a passion and such a love for it. There are other things I'm interested in and I'm definitely branching out and growing in a lot of ways. But, just right now, being at home, being stress free and letting my body heal eight or nine months before taking another bump in the ring -- obviously, your body is flesh and bone. It's not supposed to be slammed into steel night after night after night after night. Having that time off and now, more than ever -- and I cannot stress how huge of a deal this is -- knowing I can control my schedule.

If I need to take time off or if I need to change the pace or knowing what I'm going to do at a certain appearance or if I can. Knowing that it somebody wants me at a certain spot at 5 o'clock and I show up at 5:10, I'm not going to be fined $1,000. Knowing that if I want to wear sweatpants and a t-shirt inside of business-casual -- the stress level just makes all the difference in the world.

I understand what they're looking for with WWE, they're just trying to give the guys a better image. This, that and the other. But there's so much stress on top of what already is a huge mental, physical and emotional stress just actually wrestling four or five nights a week, every week of the year.

WrestlingINC: I know you've got to get going so I just have a few questions left for you. You had mentioned a while ago that you were done with full-time wrestling. Do you still think you're done or do you see yourself eventually coming back?

Hardy: You know, I don't have a desire to go full-time back to work anywhere. I look back now and I see someone like Shawn Michaels, who had a really nice deal where he'd do TVs and a loop of house shows every two months. I'm not some sort of star where I can command some sort of schedule like that. But, if something was able to pop up and something was able to be worked out down the road where I had a schedule where I feel like I wouldn't be stressed out and where I wouldn't be in pain. Where my body could recuperate especially as I get older, that would open up the possibility of it.

As far as things now, I've been very fortunate and very gifted. I got a lot of great years on WWE TV and I made a lot of money throughout the business. So, if I don't do anything else, I'm good. I can kind of do what I want to, which is a very nice feeling to have. At the same time, man, I really enjoy wrestling, I love wrestling and I want to be involved in it in some way, shape or form for the rest of my life. Eventually, I'd love to give back and help teach other guys, whether it be at a wrestling school with me or as a producer/agent or whatever it may be. We'll just see, it's one of those things. I, first and foremost, want to make sure that I am personally healthy and happy in my life.

WrestlingINC: Definitely. Before I let you go, the 1,000th episode of Raw [was last week]. What was your favorite Raw moment that you were apart of and what was your favorite Raw moment in general?

Hardy: Goodness, gracious. You know, it's funny. I'm obviously a big Twitter person, I'm @MATTHARDYBRAND and I get asked that question all the time. It's funny because it's hard to really pin-point one thing as my greatest Raw moment because I feel like I had so many Raw moments personally and even watching through the years. There were so many moments throughout the years. Obviously, the McMahon-Austin series. I remember the first Raw they had on TNN and they had us in a ladder match and we had a cage the night before. Myself, Jeff, Edge, Christian -- the four of us -- we could barely walk. We went out and we still busted our asses and had this ladder match.

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