Matt Hardy Talks Changes In Business From Attitude Era, If He Signed With TNA Too Soon, More

My feud with Edge. There were a lot of things MVP and I did. The majority of it was on Smackdown!, but a few things here or there, we did on Raw. I don't know, man. It's really hard for me to really pin-point one moment. All I can say is that Raw is an amazing show. WWE, regardless of the fact that they don't always put out the greatest product of all time, they really do an amazing job. They really have lived and existed for a long time and you have to give them props, man. They have a roster that changes and those writers are writing 52 live episodes a year, which is a lot.

I'm a big fan of Dexter, True Blood, Son Of Anarchy and Breaking Bad, and they have 12 episodes to 16 episodes. WWE does 53 live episodes a year which is a lot. So, I give them props for that, they've created a lot great moments over the year.

WrestlingINC: As a follow-up, do you think there's too much wrestling on TV? Now, they've got Raw going to three hours and they've got Smackdown! and all these other shows they're coming up with. You wouldn't think ten years ago that they'd have more wrestling on TV now than ever after WCW and ECW went under but it seems like there is.

Hardy: You make a great point there. There very well may be too much. Looking back to when WWE first bought WCW and they had such an overloaded roster, right there you could have fit three hours of Raw and Smackdown! because they had so much talent. Now, I think the talent pool is so thin, especially with the guys who they're really taking their time to develop and giving them time to get established on TV, it's going to be really hard to fill a three hour structure every week. They have such a shortage of star power in so many ways due to their own devices in all actually.

WrestlingINC: Thanks a lot Matt, we really appreciate you taking the time to speak with us.

Hardy: Thank you guys, take care.

Click here for part one of the interview, where Hardy discussed his time an an enhancement talent for WWE, signing with WWE, his favorite stars growing up, working with the Kliq, tag team wrestling today and much more.

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