Top ROH Talents Alleged To Have 'Stiffed' Promoters, One Wrestler Responds, More

A story broke yesterday that two top Ring of Honor stars "stiffed" a group of independent wrestling promoters over the weekend. The stars allegedly threatened the promoter and took his money before fleeing the arena moments before their scheduled match.

Davey Richards, Kyle O'Reilly and lesser seen Ring of Honor talent Tony Kozina were apparently advertised for the past month to work a show for Adrenaline Pro Wrestling. Promoter Nathan Blodgett, aka Jaysin Strife, contacted Richards about working a weekend of shows for a coming together of three small local promotions; MAGNUM PRO, 3X Wrestling and Adrenaline Pro Wrestling. Strife and Richards worked out the financial side, and everything was booked.

Richards, O'Reilly and Kozina arrived for the weekend of events last Friday. The wrestlers hosted a training seminar on Saturday, which Strife claims was rearranged to begin an hour later than scheduled because it didn't work into the performer's schedule. They arrived a half hour later than the scheduled start time, however Richards apparently gave those listening a lot of good advice once the seminar started, advising them to "respect the business."

Things took a turn for the worse as Richards then began running down -- or as Strife describes, "burying" -- several of the biggest names in the business. Strife claims that the former ROH World Champion also quipped, "I don't work hard on these small indy shows like this." He then made eye contact with Strife, fumbled his words and continued, "except for tonight."

Once the show started, things went worse. Tony Kozina was scheduled to work a match with a 16-year-old going by the name of Ryan Kidd. Kidd had shot a promo building up to the match and placed it on YouTube, and had also made comments about the bout on Twitter. Strife says that he made sure that nothing personal was said during the video, especially nothing which "could, would, or should, be deemed as a personal attack on someone." Before the match, Kozina took to the microphone and told the fans they were about to witness "real" wrestling.

Kozina worked very stiff throughout the course of the match and was shooting on several occasions, and performed several dangerous moves. Kozina finished the match forcefully choking Kidd out, which Strife described as "legit choking a minor." A video of the match can be viewed below:

The trio arrived late again for the final show this past Sunday. Davey Richards had been texting Adrenaline Pro Wrestling promoter Jeremy Jacobs, whose description of the events can be viewed here on APW's official Facebook page.

Throughout the day, Kozina had insisted that their match be changed to an eight man tag team match because he was injured. Jacobs countered with offering them a six man tag team match, with their pay being an even $400 -- $75 less than their originally agreed to price -- since they had been signed not to simply appear on the show, but to wrestle in their respective singles matches. After some negotiating, Kozina agreed they'd work according to the original plan. Less than an hour later Jacobs was texted back, reiterating that they wanted an eight man tag team match as opposed to working the advertised, original plan.

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