Top ROH Talents Alleged To Have 'Stiffed' Promoters, One Wrestler Responds, More

"I have juggled, moved/changed matches, and re-drawn up the entire card multiple times at this point and am becoming slightly annoyed at the unprofessional way I felt I was being treated as a promoter, Jacobs wrote on the APW Facebook page. "So again I asked, since I was not receiving what I was told I would get and have put several man hours into promoting, I asked to negotiate the price. I have always prided myself on delivering on what my fans expect. No matter if 200 or 20 people show up I want to give them what they were told they were going to see. I have heard, but not personally read, that there are reports stating that I didn't want to pay full price because of a bad turn out at the show, which is the farthest thing from the truth. It was never about money, however the principle of the situation to me. I felt disrespected, and was not going to allow myself to be taken advantage of. Just because I run a small promotion, in a small town doesn't mean I am not a serious business owner and promoter.

"Approximately 20 minutes later I received a reply stating that they wanted full price and wanted to do it their way, not mine, and that they are still 45 minutes away," he continued. "At this point I had a locker room full of guys looking at me for direction for a show that is starting in 10 minutes and people in the audience wondering what they are going to get. I reply that the show is starting in 10 minutes, I've had to juggle the card many, many times and have been more than willing to work with them and negotiate. I apologized but informed them that I was going on with the show without them. This didn't sit well with them and they informed me that I DON'T cancel. I replied that I had cancelled. I felt like I was left with no other choice. We had negotiated all day and now that the show had started I had to go forth with plan B. I wasn't going to hold the entire show up because of them. I felt it was unfair to the guys in the locker room, unfair to me, but most importantly unfair to the fans in the attendance.

"...With only 30 min left in the show, Davey arrives and storms into the locker room. I meet him at the door and ask to speak to him in person. I follow him outside and am greeted by everyone, Davey, Tony, Kyle and one of Davey's trainees. Unknowingly I was walking into a verbal ambush. I can't post most of the convoy because of the language used by Davey. I was told at least twice that if this were 'the old days, I would be taken around the corner and dealt with if the situation wasn't fixed'. Was even informed that if he called Jim Cornette, he would tell Davey, and I quote, 'Kick his ass.' Davey said they were there now, the shows not over we want to go on. Not out of fear, but as a means to resolve the situation I agreed to again change the ending of the show and have Davey and Kyle on the show. Davey said they wanted $375 upfront so they can 'get the f*ck out of this town' as soon as it's over. I agreed to pay upfront as a sign of good faith, if they would do it for $350. Davey agreed."

Jacobs said that Richards got ready for the match and asked for his pay while in full gear. During that time, Kozina and the trainee who travels with them are loading their bags into a truck. After Jacobs paid them, Richards and O'Reilly turned to one another and one of them asked, "Where'd you put the tape?," and the other replied, "It's out in the truck." Both men then bolted out of the door into the waiting truck with $350, having failed to work the show.

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