Yesterday, we reported about the dispute between a trio of independent wrestling promoters and Ring of Honor stars Davey Richards, Tony Kozina and Kyle O'Reilly. Over the weekend O'Reilly, Kozina and Richards were involved in an incident with promoters from MAGNUM PRO, 3X Wrestling and Adrenaline Pro Wrestling which resulted in Richards and O'Reilly failing to compete in an advertised match and taking off with the $350 payoff.

O'Reilly has been the only wrestler involved in the dispute that has publicly commented. O'Reilly posted a blog on Monday evening explaining his actions. He posted another blog last night revealing that he would be returning the money to promoter Jeremy Jacobs.

"Since giving the entire Iowa situation more thought I've realized that the entire incident was just an irrational and sudden action made over an impulse fueled by emotion," O'Reilly wrote. "Everyone makes reactionary decisions when they feel they are in the right, no matter how outlandish and wrong it may seem to others. Time brings forth clarity to those that have made mistakes.

"I have since reached out to Jeremy Hall[Jacobs], the promoter of Sunday's show to obtain his address so that I can return to him the money that I walked away with on Sunday," he continued. "I'm hoping this entire incident can be forgotten and people can now move forward with their lives.

"Please keep supporting Ring of Honor and Independent wrestling at all levels."

You can check out the full blog entry by clicking here.

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